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What type of console cables are used for Dell PowerConnect, N Series, and Force10 switches

What type of cable is required for console access?

What is the pin-out for console cables needed for Dell switches?

There are five physical console interfaces RJ45 (rollover and straight through), DB9, USB type A, and USB type B:

Switches that use RJ45 rollover (RJ45 to DB9 Dell, Part# C206M): PowerConnect 5500, 7000, 8000, 8100, N2000, N3000, N4000, Force10 E-Series (ExaScale and TeraScale), C-Series, Z-Series, S55, S60, S4810

Switches that use RJ45 straight-through (Not Dell specific): Force10 S25, S50

Switches that use DB9 (Null modem cable, Dell Part# PD378): PowerConnect 2800, 3500, 6200

Switches that use USB type A (DB9 to USB type A, Dell Part# WY835): PowerConnect m6220, m6348, m8024, m8024-k

Switches that use USB type B (Not Dell Specific): Force10 E-Series (ExaScale), Z-Series, S55, S60, S4810

Note: Using the USB Type B connection requires the installation of additional software from Force10.
Blade switches do not need to utilize the external console port. The Dell M1000e Server Chassis includes a console redirect feature that allows you to manage each PCM6220, PCM6348, PCM8024, and PCM8024-k module from a single serial connection to the chassis.

The rollover pin-out from DB9 to RJ45 is:

DB9 RJ45

1 NA

2 3

3 6

4 7

5 4,5

6 2

7 8

8 1

9 NA

The null modem pinout from DB9 to DB9 is:


1 4

2 3

3 2

4 1,6

5 5

6 4

7 8

8 7

9 NA

The pinout for DB9 to USB type A is:


1 NA

2 3

3 2

4 NA

5 4

6 NA

7 NA

8 NA

9 NA

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