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Configure Dell Data Protection Secure Lifecycle Geolocation Services for Dell Data Protection Enterprise Edition or Virtual Edition v9.5

The geolocation services utilized by Secure Lifecycle need to be configured on Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition or Virtual Edition server version 9.5 to ensure proper functionality.

Affected Products:

Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition v9.5
Dell Data Protection | Virtual Edition v9.5
Dell Data Protection | Secure Lifecycle v1.0 and later

The steps to configure geolocation services for Secure Lifecycle is dependent on the server platform. Click on the appropriate server product for further directions.

  1. Open windows explorer and navigate to \Program Files\Dell\Enterprise Edition\Security Server\Conf\ .
  2. Open the file with notepad and locate the property named geolocation.url= .

  1. Update value for this property to:

  1. Save the file after making this change.
  2. Restart Dell Data Protection server services.
Note: For service start order reference:
  1. Log into the DDP | Virtual Edition Administration Console as DDPSupport.
  2. Enter command sudo nano /opt/dell/server/security-server/conf/ to edit the file.
  3. Scroll through the configuration file or press CTRL + W to search for the property geolocation.url.

  1. Update the value of this property to

  1. Once the property has been updated, press CTRL + X and then press Y to confirm overwrite.
  2. Enter sudo reboot to restart the appliance and pickup the new configuration changes.

For any questions/concerns, please call Dell Data Protection ProSupport at: 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039. For support outside the US, reference ProSupport’s International Contact numbers list. You can also join us on our Dell Security Community Forum.

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Last Date Modified: 05/04/2017 01:30 PM

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