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Dell Client Update (DCSU) 1.3 "Scan for driver updates" ends in an error

This article contains information regarding "Dell Client System Update 1.3 (DCSU) "Scan for driver updates" ends in an error".

Scan for driver updates ends in an error

You may encounter a situation where the Dell Client System Update 1.3 (DCSU) scan for driver updates’ scan can end in an error.

Users running Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10, reported that the Kaspersky application can be one cause of this failure.

Pause Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10

Pausing the Kaspersky Endpoint Protection 10 before starting the DCSU scan for driver updates scan, eliminated the error.

NOTE: Dell Client System Update 1.3 (DCSU) will only update Dell signed drivers. Windows Native drivers are not upgradable via this process.

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