Connecting 3 Monitors to an Optiplex 3010 with an AMD Radeon 7470 Video Card

Article Summary: This article contains steps to configure 3 monitors on an OptiPlex 3010 utilizing the integrated video solution and a AMD Radeon 7470 add-in video card


Users may wish to utilize 3 monitors with their OptiPlex 3010, and with an AMD Radeon 7470, this configuration is supported.


The AMD Radeon 7470 video card has the following connectors:

The connectors on the rear of an OptiPlex 3010 (desktop chassis shown):

Follow these steps to configure 3 monitors:

Example of a VGA cable and port:

Example of a DVI-D cable and port:

Example of a DisplayPort cable and port:

  1. Connect the Primary Monitor to the VGA connector on the system (this is the integrated video solution)
  2. Connect the Secondary Monitor 1 to either the DVI-D or DisplayPort connector on the AMD Radeon 7470 video card (this is the add-in video solution)
  3. Connect the Secondary Monitor 2 to the remaining connector on the AMD Radeon 7470 video card

All 3 monitors should now be available to either extend or duplicate the desktop at the users preference

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