Dell Latitude E7250 Keyboard Guide

This guide describes the keyboard shortcuts available and the functions they perform on the Dell Latitude E7250

Keyboard Shortcut Key Functions

The below table is a list of combination short-cut key functions using the E7250 keyboard.

E7250 Keyboard

Note: By Toggling Fn + Esc, "Function Lock" On, you will not need to use the Fn key to activate the Function actions including Home and End keys

Note: There is no Pause/Break key on this keyboard, you can use Fn + B to get the "Break" key functionality.

Fn + Esc Function Key Lock On/Off, allows keys to be used without using the Fn key
F1 Mute/Unmute Audio
F2 Audio Volume Decrease
F3 Audio Volume Increase
F4 Microphone On/Off
F5 Toggle NumLock On/Off (For embedded numeric keys, activated in BIOS)
F6 Enable or Disable Scroll Lock.
F8 Toggle between different multiple display modes.
F10 Keyboard Backlight On/Off
F11 Decrease Screen Brightness
F12 Increase Screen Brightness
PrtScr Enable/Disable Wireless
Insert Enter sleep / hibernation mode
Left Arrow Acts as Home key
Right Arrow Acts as End key

Keyboard Types by Region.

(This should not affect the Function Table above)

  • 82 (United States and Canada)
  • 83 (Europe)
  • 84 (Brazil)
  • 86 (Japan)

Note: If you experience problems with your keyboard, please follow the troubleshooting link below:

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