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Updating iDRAC7 and Lifecycle Controller Firmware

NOTE: This section covers remote update, which uses the Update Package for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) regardless of the operating systems installed on your managed system or management station. Before updating the iDRAC7 and Lifecycle Controller firmware

  1. Check the currently installed firmware versions. To do this, go to Overview → Server → Properties → Summary .
    The System Summary page is displayed. Under the Server Information section, check the Firmware Version and Lifecycle Controller Firmware version information.
  2. Download the required firmware.
  3. From the management station, log in to the iDRAC Web interface and go to Overview → iDRAC Settings → Update and Rollback .
  4. Click Choose File, browse and select the iDRAC Firmware Update Package for Microsoft Windows, and then click Upload.
  5. After the upload is complete, the Update Details section displays the firmware file uploaded to iDRAC.
  6. If you have downloaded Lifecycle Controller firmware, repeat steps 3 and 4.
    NOTE: You can upload one or both packages to iDRAC in any order.
  7. After the files are uploaded, select the box(es) next to the file name(s) and click Install.   
    The message indicating Updating Job Queue is displayed. Click OK to close. The update takes about five minutes. If the iDRAC firmware is being updated, the iDRAC reboots and connectivity to iDRAC7 is lost temporarily.
  8. Reconnect to the iDRAC7 Web interface and go to Overview → Server → Job Queue.
  9. Expand the icon next to each job to confirm that the firmware update jobs were completed successfully.

Downloading Firmware

To download the firmware:

  1. Go to
  2. If prompted, select Start Here under Small Businesses or Enterprise IT.
  3. Enter the Service Tag of the managed system and click Submit, or use one of the choose options to locate your system model.
  4. Click Drivers and Downloads.
  5. On the Drivers and Downloads page, expand Enterprise Systems Management (ESM ) and locate the iDRAC7 Firmware. If a newer version is available, click Download File.
  6. In the window that opens, make sure that the Update Package for Microsoft Windows (32–bit) is selected. It is recommended that you also select the iDRAC7 readme file. Click Continue.
  7. Save the iDRAC firmware file to a location accessible from your management station.
  8. Return to the Drivers and Downloads page, expand Lifecycle Controller and repeat the steps for the Lifecycle Controller application firmware.

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