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1355cn/2135cn/2155cn/3115cn Scan to Email Setup and Troubleshooting

Article Summary: 1355cn/2135cn/2155cn/3115cn Scan to Email Setup and Troubleshooting

Table of contents

  1. Initial Setup
  2. Troubleshooting


Initial Setup

Please note that SSL and TLS encryption/authentication are NOT supported by these systems, meaning that they are not compatible with many free webmail services such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Typically the feature is used with an Exchange server which requires basic or no authentication.

  • Scan a Document
  • Place a document face down on the flatbed glass or face up on the ADF
  • On the operator panel press the Down Arrow until "Scan" is selected then press Select/Tick
  • Select "Scan to E-mail"
  • Select "Enter E-Mail" to manually enter recipient address or "Address Book" to choose from pre-entered addresses
  • Press Start (green triangle)

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016-503 SMTP Error - Failed to Resolve SMTP Server Name at Mail Reception.

  • Confirm Primary SMTP gateway setting is correct
  • If addressing server by hostame, try IP address instead to rule out DNS issues

016-506 SMTP Login Error - Required User Parameter Not Set.
016-507 SMTP Login Error - Failed to Login to SMTP Server at Mail Transmission.

  • Check "SMTP Login User" and "SMTP Login Password" fields
  • Check authentication settings/requirements
  • Check network connectivity
  • Confirm Primary SMTP gateway setting is correct

016-765 SMTP Server Full - SMTP Server Disk Space Full.

  • Free up space on server

016-766 SMTP Error - SMTP Server File System Error.

  • Check server file system and disk integrity

016-767 Address Error - Invalid Recipient Email Address.

  • Check recipient email address correct

016-768 From Address Error - Invalid Sender Email Address.

  • Check "SMTP Login" and "Reply Address" field are correctly populated with full, valid email addresses

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