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Users with Dell Data Protection Enterprise Edition Shield\Dell Encryption Enterprise Shield may lose access to files after password change

This article provides information regarding users may lose access to files after password updates with Web based password change tools.

Affected Products:

Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition Shield
Dell Encryption Enterprise Shield

How to Determine the Cause:

When accessing log files located in \ProgramData\Dell\Dell Data Protection\Encryption\CMGShield.log(s) you may find the following error:

[06.30.15 09:28:45:426 ExternalAuth: 463 E] [SUPPORT] Authentication - Could not unprotect data [MS error = 0x8009000b]

This error is stating that the User’s password used to seal encryption keys and policy information on the local system did not properly sync with active directory.

This is commonly caused by 3rd party password management software that can update active directory passwords outside of the local computer.

When this password update happens outside of the OS, Dell Encryption Enterprise Shield (formerly Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Edition Shield) may not be able to properly sync the password once it is changed.

WSDeactivate is leveraged to fix this situation. Follow the link below for instructions:

How to run WSDeactivate on Dell Data Protection | Enterprise Shield for Windows

With version 8.5.1 and newer, Dell Encryption Enterprise Shield clients have introduced a registry key that allows for detection of this issue and automatic remediation without a reboot.

To Enable Automatic Re-activation, set this key to:


When this triggers, a line in the logs of the client will be generated:

Event Engine - Flagging user for automatic reactivation

A new registry key to record how many times this will have ran has also been generated.

Administrators can monitor how many re-activations have happened per system with this new key.

This will be automatically generated by the shield when a re-activation happens:


For additional support, US based customer can call Dell Data Security ProSupport at: 877.459.7304 Ext. 4310039 or you may also contact us via the Chat Portal. For support outside the US, reference ProSupport’s International Contact Numbers list. Visit the Dell Security Community Forum to get insights from other community members and additional resources to help you manage your environment.

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