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How to Resolve Tray 1 Empty / Load Tray 1 Errors on the B2360d / B2360dn Dell Laser Printer

This article provides information and steps on how to resolve Tray 1 Empty / Load Tray 1 Errors on your B2360d / B2360dn Dell Laser Printer.

  1. Check that there is no damage to the paper and that the guides are adjusted to fit the paper. If a new ream of paper is available try swapping out the paper.
  2. Check the he paper size in the tray matches the paper size set in the Print Driver.
  3. Check that the newest firmware is being used. If not install the latest firmware for this model.
    Caution: Power off the printer and unplug the printer from the wall outlet before completing the following steps.
  4. Remove the paper tray.
  5. Locate pick arm in the center, just above where paper tray was.
  6. Roll the pick tire off of the pick arm (this has a rubber band feel).
  7. Clean the rollers with an Alcohol based cleaner (Isopropyl alcohol preferred).
  8. Reinstall Feed tires (2) onto pick arm then reinstall the paper tray.
  9. Plug the printer back in and turn the power on. Print a test page.

If these steps do not correct the problem, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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