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Connectivity issues between Broadcom based Dell Wireless WLAN mini-cards and select router/access points

This article contains information regarding "Connectivity issues between Broadcom based Dell Wireless XXXX WLAN mini-cards and select router/access points".

Dell wireless card does not connect to my router

You may encounter issues connecting to select wireless Access Points (AP) or routers using your Dell Wireless 802.11xx wireless card that is based on a Broadcom chipset.

Dell recommends that the most current driver available from the Dell support website be installed for optimal wireless performance. Should you still have issues connecting to select routers or access points see section 2 below.

Adjust the AP compatibility Mode

If you still have issues connecting to select routers/access points, then a driver setting in device manager can be adjusted to mitigate this issue.

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Click the + next to network adapters, highlight Dell Wireless xxxx 802.11xx
  3. Right click the Dell Wireless adapter, click Properties
  4. Click the Advanced tab, and select the AP Compatibility Mode option from the drop down menu
  5. Change from the default Higher Performance setting, to Broader Compatibility, Click OK to save settings

REFERENCE: Dell Wireless User Guide

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