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Full Screen DOS Window Shows No Video when Hot Swapping Video Cables

Article Summary:
Full Screen DOS Window Shows No Video on Dell™ Latitude™ E-series. No video when Hot Swap DVI or HDMI monitor onto system after POST.

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When hot plugging an external display to the Display port on a Latitude E-series in full screen DOS mode, the display will be blank or will show no signal.

Video BIOS (VBIOS) makes the decision during Power On start-up on what display type they will support on a given port.
This is determined only at boot and is not dynamically maintained. This architectural limitation is due to the size limitations of the VBIOS.

While booting with no display on a given port, the VBIOS will initialize it by default to Display Port. If a Digital Video Interface (DVI) panel or High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) panel is hot plugged to that port while in Windows®, it will not work when using full screen DOS mode.

A DVI panel would show a blank screen and a HDMI panel will show that there is no signal present.


Hot Plugging - (aka Hot swapping) - Simply the process of inserting and swapping cables / components while the system is in use.
VBios - Video BIOS - Software built into the system board or graphics card that helps the software communicate with the video.



Reboot the system with the external display already attached.

For any vBIOS and video related issues please also check if the BIOS and Video card drivers have been updated to the latest revisions. You can check this via the Dell Support Website


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