Brocade 4900 Switch

intel® core™
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المؤسسات التي تقوم بنشر شبكات التخزين (SAN) القائمة على الصفيفات طراز CX3 من Dell/EMC والتي ترغب في إجراء اختبار مستقبلي لأية بنية أساسية بسرعة 4 جيجابت/الثانية وإجراء ارتباط سريع بالمحولات الداخلية.

Brocade 4900


منافذ القنوات الليفية

  • 64 ports, universal (E, F, and FL)

قابلية التطوير

  • Full fabric architecture with 239 switches maximum

الحد الأقصى المعتمد

  • 56 switches, 7 hops
    larger fabrics may be certified as required


  • All Brocade switches


  • 1.063 Gbit/sec line speed (full duplex)
    2.125 Gbit/sec line speed (full duplex)
    4.25 Gbit/sec line speed (full duplex)
    auto-sensing of 1 Gbit/sec, 2 Gbit/sec, and 4 Gbit/sec port speeds
    optionally programmable to fixed port speed
    speed matching between 1, 2, and 4 Gbit/sec ports

توصيل الارتباطات بين المحولات (ISL)

  • Up to eight 4.25 Gbit/sec ports per ISL trunk
    Up to 64 Gbit/sec per ISL trunk

عرض النطاق الترددي الإجمالي

  • 512 Gbit/sec end to end

زمن وصول البنية

  • Less then 1.0 µ sec. with no contention, cut-through routing at 4 Gbit/sec

الحد الأقصى لحجم الإطار

  • 2112-byte payload

فئات الخدمة

  • Class 2, Class 3, Class F (inter-switch frames)

أنواع المنافذ

  • FL_Port, F_Port, and E_Port
    Self-discovery based on switch type (U_Port

أنواع حركة مرور البيانات

  • Fabric switches supporting unicast and broadcast

أنواع الوسائط

  • Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) media;
    short-wave up to 500 meters (1640 feet);
    long-wave up to 10 kilometres (6.2 miles);
    extended long-wave up to 100 km (62.1 mi). Distance depends on fiber optic cable and port speed

خدمات البنية

  • Simple Name Server, Registered State Change Notification (RSCN)
    Optional fabric services include: Brocade Advanced
    Zoning; Brocade Fabric Watch; Brocade Extended
    Fabrics; Brocade Remote Switch; Brocade ISL
    Trunking; Brocade Advanced Performance
    Monitoring; Brocade Web Tools


  • SFP Media


  • Telnet
    SNMP (FE MIB, FC Management MIB)
    Brocade Advanced Web Tools (optional)
    Brocade Fabric Manager (optional

    Management Access

    10/100 Ethernet port (RJ-45)
    Serial port (RS-264)
    In-band through Management Server


  • POST and embedded online/offline diagnostics


  • Enclosure
    Rack Size 2U
    Width 43 cm (16.9")
    Height 4 cm (1.7")
    Depth 26 cm (10.4")
    Weight 4.9 kg (10.8 lb) with dual power supplies, no SFP

ظروف التشغيل البيئية

  • Temperature
    Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
    Non-Operating: -25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F)

    Operating: 20 to 85 percent non-condensing at 40°C (104°F)

    Operating: Up to 3000 meters (9,842 feet)
    Storage: Up to 12 kilometres (39,370 feet)

    Operating: 20 g, 6 ms half-sine
    Non-operating: 15 g, 12-18 ms trapezoid

    Operating: 0.5 g sine, 0.4 grms random, 5 to 500 Hz
    Non-operating: 2.0 g sine, 1.1 grms random, 5 to 500 Hz


    High Speed: 40 CFM (cu. ft./min)
    Low speed (65%): 27.5 CFM


  • Maximum output
    300 Watts

    System power consumption
    Nominal system draw 175 Watts

    Nominal input voltage
    90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz

    Input line frequency
    47 to 63 Hz

    Minimum input voltage
    90 VAC

    Maximum input voltage
    264 VAC

    BTU rating (80% efficiency)
    756 BTU/hr

    Inrush current
    Maximum of 15 amps for period between 10 to 150 ms at 50° Celsius (122° Fahrenheit

الإشعارات التنظيمية

  • The 4900 complies with the following safety certifications:
    CSA NRTL Certification to UL 60950-1: 2003, First Edition
    CSA Certification to CSA 60950-1-03 (Canadian Standards Association)
    CB Certification to IEC 60950-1 (2001) (including all National Deviations)
    Nemko Certification to EN60950-1:2001
    TUV Certification to EN60950-1+ A11
    GOST Certification (Russia)
    TUV Argentina Certification to IEC60950-1(2001)
    Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC) for CE Marking in European Union


Brocade 4900 — 64 Port 4 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel Switches* for Midrange and Enterprise SANs

Fast, Reliable 4 Gbit/sec Performance

  • Up to 512 Gbit/sec of aggregated throughput (64 ports x 4Gbps base transport rate).
  • Up to 64 ports capable of 4 Gbit/sec full-duplex performance
  • Up to 64 Gbit/sec throughput with Brocade Inter-Switch Linking (ISL) Trunking
  • Exchange-based dynamic path selection for load balancing between trunk groups

Affordable Scalability

  • Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF) traffic rerouting
  • Nondisruptive software upgrades (hot code load and activation)
  • Redundant, hot-swappable components, fans and power supplies

Simplified Deployment and Management

  • Hardware-enforced zoning by World Wide Name (WWN)
  • Brocade WEB TOOLS utilization over a secure browser using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol

Excellent Value for a Variety of SAN Environments

  • Full forward and backward compatibility for changing SAN environments
  • Integration with heterogeneous environments: Windows, Windows NT, UNIX, AIX, Linux and Solaris

Enterprise Support Services

Dell™ offers a broad portfolio of services designed to help organizations optimize their use of Dell/EMC® technology, deploy systems rapidly and attain the highest possible levels of system uptime. With the Dell/EMC partnership, customers can benefit from the synergy of Dell's award-winning server services now enhanced with EMC's best practice methodologies, tools and customer training for storage systems.

Standard Support

Note: The following services are required to ensure the best possible customer experience. Hardware installation and Gold-level support are included in the hardware systems price. Implementation is also a mandatory service.

Consulting and Deployment Services (Required)

  • Presales Design and Site Readiness Assessment (Gratis)
  • Hardware Installation — On-site installation of Dell/EMC systems, rack mounting of systems, connection to power sources and power-on of devices.
  • Implementation — System planning, design documentation, select software installation, configuration of switches, cabling, host connectivity, creation of storage groups, product orientation session and extensive custom options.

Standard Support Services for Dell/EMC Systems (Required)

Dell Gold-Level Enterprise Support Service for Dell/EMC Storage features the following:

  • 7x24 high-level engineer to engineer support with direct access to Gold Queue
  • Technical Account Management Team
  • 7x24 4-hour On-site Support
  • Remote Software and Storage Support — Unlimited Resolutions
  • Storage System Remote Monitoring
  • Prefailure Alert Program
  • Seamless support between Dell and key 3rd-party providers
  • Change notification/Software Subscription

Optional Services

  • Dell/EMC support
  • Customer training
  • Backup and recovery design and implementation
  • Cluster implementation for Microsoft® Exchange and SQL Server®
  • SnapView and MirrorView installation and configuration
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • On-site engineers
  • On-site parts
  • Platinum-level support