OptiPlex 780 الكمبيوتر المكتبي طراز

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الكمبيوتر المكتبي طراز OptiPlex 780

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الكمبيوتر المكتبي طراز OptiPlex 780 من Dell
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OptiPlex 780 Desktop - Design That Empowers IT

Design That Empowers IT

Whether your workforce is local, national or global, the Dell OptiPlex 780 offers easy serviceability, standardized configurations and advanced remote-management capabilities that can help IT work more efficiently. Features include:

  • Advanced Remote Management: Intel® vPro™ technology can reduce the need for software-related desk-side visits and allow for systems management even when the desktop is turned off.
  • Globally Standard Platforms: IT can standardize OptiPlex desktops to a global configuration at the time of purchase, making it easy to resolve issues and order replacement parts later.
  • Easy Routine Maintenance: Tool-less chassis design to ease serviceability while DirectDetect troubleshooting LEDs enable quick diagnosis of hardware issues.
  • "Go Anywhere" Design: The OptiPlex 780 Ultra Small Form Factor offers secure desktop performance in a slim chassis that adapts to virtually any environment. An integrated power supply and optimized cable management can simplify deployment and operations.


Stability You Can Build On

With its emphasis on stable, long-term performance for end users and IT professionals alike, the OptiPlex 780 can meet your organization's evolving technology needs while offering a low total cost of ownership. The OptiPlex 780 is designed to deliver: 

Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop - Powerful Technology
Powerful Technology: Get up to Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processors, generous DDR3 memory options, dual-drive capability and integrated support for dual monitors.
Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop - Online Image Deployment
Online Image Deployment: Using Dell ImageDirect, IT can create, update and deploy system images 24/7 from a secure online location.
Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop - OptiPlex Reliability
OptiPlex Reliability: A 15-month targeted lifecycle and 3-month managed transition period on most systems make it easy to maintain a consistent work environment while planning for future deployments. Additional service and support options can help further extend the product lifecycle.
OptiPlex 780 Desktop - Security for Your Business

Security for Your Business

The OptiPlex 780 gives you the power to choose your level of security, from hardware to software, local or remote. Simply match the security options with your organization's priorities to help keep your critical information protected.
  • Network Protection: Intel® vPro™ technology helps to isolate system threats, offering excellent protection for your network infrastructure.
  • Built-in TPM 1.2: Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2* security provides hardware-level protection of data and passwords.
  • Hard-Disk Security: Secure critical data with optional full-disk-encryption drives or solid-state drives, and choose optional ProSupport* Certified Data Destruction and ProSupport* Hard Drive Data Recovery services for additional layers of data security.

Energy Efficient Design, Environmental Responsibility

With its energy-efficient, environmentally conscious design, the OptiPlex 780 reflects the potential benefits to your operations and your bottom line.

OptiPlex 780 Desktop - Energy-Efficient Design, Environmental Responsibility
Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop - Energy-Conscious Feature
Energy-Conscious Features: The OptiPlex 780 offers Dell Energy Smart power settings and optional high-efficiency power supplies. The Dell Client Energy Savings Calculator also lets you estimate energy usage for multiple customized OptiPlex systems.
Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop - Energy Star Compliance
ENERGY STAR® Compliance: As an ENERGY STAR-compliant partner, Dell has designed select configurations of the OptiPlex 780 to comply with ENERGY STAR 5.0 standards for energy efficiency.
Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop - High Environmental Standards
High Environmental Standards: Select configurations of the OptiPlex 780 qualify for an EPEAT® Gold rating. Gold is the highest standard in the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT), a set of performance criteria for evaluating electronic products' environmental attributes in both public and private sectors.


  • Intel® Core™2 Quad (not available on USFF)
    Intel® Core™2 Duo
    Intel® Pentium® Dual Core
    Intel® Celeron® Dual Core
    Intel® Celeron®

نظام التشغيل  (توصي شركة Dell باستخدام Windows 10 Pro.)

  • Windows® 7 Professional 32-Bit
    Windows® 7 Ultimate 32-Bit
    Ubuntu® Linux® (select countries)
    nSeries FreeDOS™


  • MT/DT/SFF - Four DIMM slots; Non-ECC dual-channel 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM*, up to 8GB*

    USFF- Two DIMM slots; Non-ECC dual-channel 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM*, up to 4GB*

بطاقة الفيديو

  • All chassis- Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500*

    MT/DT/SFF- DVI Adapter card; 256MB ATI® RADEON® HD 3450*; 256MB ATI RADEON HD 3470*; 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE*; 512MB NVIDIA NVS420*


  • الوحدة النمطية للنظام الأساسي الموثوق به (TPM) إصدار 1.2
    عدم توفر الوحدة النمطية للنظام الأساسي الموثوق به (TPM) في دول معينة فقط1
    برنامج ControlPoint من Dell
    دعم فتحة قفل الهيكل وحلقة القفل
    مفتاح اختياري لمنع الوصول إلى الهيكل
    كلمة مرور الإعداد/نظام الإدخال والإخراج الأساسي (BIOS)
    أمان ,وصلات الإدخال/الإخراج
    لوحات مفاتيح مزودة ببطاقات ذكية
    تقنية Trusted Execution للتشغيل الموثوق من ® Intel
    دعم نظام الإدخال والإخراج الأساسي (BIOS) لإتاحة خدمة ® Computrace الاختيارية

مجموعة الشرائح

  • مجموعة الشرائح Intel® Q45 Express مع تقنية ICH10DO


  • Mini-Tower:

    305W Standard PSU or optional 255W 88% Efficient PSU; ENERGY STAR® compliant, Active PFC


    255W Standard PSU or optional 255W 88% Efficient PSU; ENERGY STAR® compliant, Active PFC

    Small Form Factor:

    235W Standard PSU or optional 235W 88% Efficient PSU; ENERGY STAR® compliant, Active PFC

    Ultra Small Form Factor:

    180W up to 90% Efficient Internal PSU, ENERGY STAR® 5.0 compliant, Active PFC

الإشعارات التنظيمية

  • المعايير البيئية والتنظيمية

    المعايير البيئية (الملصقات البيئية):
    معيار ENERGY STAR® 5.0 (مواصفات محددة) وتصنيف ذهبي وفقًا لأداة التقييم البيئي للمنتجات الإلكترونية (EPEAT) (مواصفات محددة) ومعيار CECP ومعيار TCO 05 ومعيار WEEE وقانون الطاقة الياباني ومعيار CES ومعيار Green PC لأجهزة الكمبيوتر الصديقة للبيئة في اليابان ومعيار FEMP والملصقات البيئية لكوريا الجنوبية وتوجيه تقييد استخدام مواد خطرة معينة (RoHS) للاتحاد الأوروبي وتوجيه تقييد استخدام مواد خطرة معينة (RoHS) بالصين

    الخيارات البيئية الأخرى:
    إعدادات تقنية Energy Smart من Dell (مواصفات محددة) وموازنة انبعاثات الكربون وإعادة تدوير النظام (خدمة استرداد الأصول)

    التوافق مع الإشعارات التنظيمية والبيئية

    النموذج التنظيمي (الكمبيوتر البرجي صغير الحجم): DCSM أو DCSM1F
    النموذج التنظيمي (الكمبيوتر المكتبي): DCNE أو DCNE1F
    النموذج التنظيمي (التصميم صغير الحجم): DCCY أو DCCY1F
    النموذج التنظيمي (التصميم متناهي الصغر): النموذج التنظيمي D01U / النوع التنظيمي D01U001
    سلامة المنتج والتوافق الكهرومغناطيسي (EMC) وأوراق البيانات البيئية (باللغة الإنجليزية)
    الصفحة الرئيسية الخاصة بالتوافق مع الإشعارات التنظيمية من Dell (باللغة الإنجليزية)
    Dell راعية البيئة (باللغة الإنجليزية)

Dell ProSupport

Faster, more reliable support services designed to address the technology challenges you face today. This new support portfolio is focused on your needs, time demands and budgets.

Need professional support services that take care of both you and your employees’ IT needs 7x24? Choose Dell™ ProSupport™ to get access to a certified technician in two minutes or less.

Got an IT staff? Choose Dell ProSupport for IT and get tech-to-tech support with Fast-track dispatch, along with 7x24 access to Dell-certified technicians.


Dell ProSupport Service Model
Dell ProSupportDell ProSupport for IT
Designed for organisations with limited or no dedicated IT staff.

  • 7x24 direct break-fix hardware support for your employees
  • “How-to” support on popular software applications such as Norton™ AntiVirus, Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® Small Business Server, Intuit® QuickBooks®, Adobe® Photoshop and Adobe® Acrobat™.
  • Access to a certified technician in two minutes or less
Designed to provide tech-to-tech support for IT Professionals, Database Administrators and internal Service Desks or helpdesks.

  • 7x24 Direct access to Dell Expert Centers
  • Fast-track dispatch for Dell-certified technicians
  • Escalation management through Dell’s Global Command Centers

Next, further customise your support solution by taking advantage of the Dell ProSupport options below that align to how you use your technology.

Mission Critical 4-Hour On-site Service — Priority on-site service to get you back up and running fast

Specialised On-site Options — Allows you to augment your daily IT management or tap into specific technical expertise for critical projects when needed. Recommended options for laptops include:
  • On-site Parts Management to help minimise downtime by having parts at your fingertips.
  • On-site Personnel to augment your IT staff.
  • On-site Diagnosis for accelerated troubleshooting.
Asset Management and Protection
  • Accidental Damage Protection* repairs or replaces accidentally damaged systems
Data Management and Protection
  • Keep Your Hard Drive* helps you retain control of sensitive data
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery provides data recovery from a failed hard drive
  • Certified Data Destruction wipes your hard drive clean and destroys data

Customisation and Set Up

Deployment Services
Our end-to-end deployment services are designed to simplify and accelerate the customisation and utilisation of your new systems. Dell Deployment Services include everything from order consolidation to coordination of deployment resources.
Learn More

Managed Deployment
Dell Managed Deployment Services are for customers who need a complete, end-to-end deployment solution. Managed deployments are useful within complex logistical environments that require a single point of accountability.
Learn More

Custom Factory Integration
Dell offers custom factory integration services to help accelerate your system deployments. We can perform a range of services, such as custom configuration, consolidation and integration, in our factory.
Learn More

ImageDirect is a web-based, hosted image management service that enables customers to easily create, manage and load custom images for Dell commercial client systems.

Intel® AMT and Intel® vPro™ Support
For Intel AMT and Intel vPro customers, new deployment service options, such as unique password prepopulation, preconfigured management settings and no-touch deployment, can help ease deployment concerns while saving time and money.

Advanced Configuration Services
With Advanced Configuration Services (ACS), you can save time and resources by selecting various settings during the purchase process. You can choose to partition your hard drive, select boot order, change BIOS settings and modify various standard software configuration settings.

Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services
Asset Recovery Services offers safe and environmentally appropriate disposal solutions for outdated or end-of-life IT assets. This service includes transportation, flexible logistics, equipment processing, detailed data security and environmental reports at an affordable price.

Dell Flexible Computing Solutions

The desktop computing landscape is evolving. As organizations and their workforces become increasingly distributed and mobile, an explosion of new end-user devices has exacerbated the challenges being faced by IT departments. These challenges include ensuring data and device security regardless of location, managing data and applications consistently across the organization and providing support for the myriad of emerging devices and applications. Traditional computing has addressed the key customer pain points around mobility, security, manageability and availability in a limited fashion.

Dell's new desktop computing vision - Flexible Computing-delivers validated solutions (hardware, software, and services) that augment Dell's traditional desktop offerings and enable IT departments to navigate their increasingly complex environment.

For more information Dell Flexible Computing Solutions, please visit: http://content.dell.com/uk/en/enterprise/virtual-client.aspx