Vostro A90

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الطراز Vostro A90 من Dell

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Vostro A90
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Easy to use

At a Glance

Affordable, highly portable with a sturdy compact design, the Vostro A90 keeps you productive and connected to your business while on the go.
  • Easy to use, keeping you productive while on the go
  • Keeps you connected and in sync for on-the-go collaboration
  • Sturdy design built for ultra-mobility
  • Worry-free service and support designed for growing businesses


Easy to Use, Keeping You Productive While on the Go

  • Pre-installed operating systems and business productivity applications that enable simple and fast setup for an out-of-the-box computing experience
  • No annoying trialware — just the solutions you need to be productive
  • Fast and reliable data access with solid-state hard drive
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Keeps You Connected and In Sync for On-the-Go Collaboration


  • Built-in WiFi 802.11b/g keeps you connected to your business at home or on the go.
  • Bluetooth® capabilities allow you to connect to personal area networks and synchronize with other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.
  • Optional 0.3 megapixel camera with microphone enables video communication with peers back in the office or with family while on business trips.


Compact Sturdy Design That Keeps You Highly Mobile

  • Lightweight (only 1.07 kg / 2.36 lbs) and built to last to Dell’s high standards for durability
  • Size-optimized, sealed keyboard that guards against dust and spills
  • 8.9-inch WSVGA with TrueLife™ display that delivers enhance clarity and vivid detail, presenting most Web pages with no left-right scrolling
  • Power-efficient solution based on Intel® Atom™ processor
Worry-free Warranty

Fast and Convenient to Purchase


  • The extensive network of Dell distributors makes it easier than ever for you to walk into an authorized Dell reseller and walk out with the equipment you need.
  • Once you've found the Vostro system that meets your needs, setup is quick and easy so you can get back to running your business.

Worry-Free Service and Support

The Dell experience goes beyond the purchase of your system — the Vostro A90 comes with excellent services designed for your growing business, including:

  • Over-the-phone technical and diagnostic support
  • Standard limited hardware warranty* covering equipment repair or replacement, plus all parts and labor for one year
  • Service center support

بطاقة الفيديو

  • Integrated Intel® 945GSE graphics* card


  • وحدة التزويد بالطاقة:
    مهايئ تيار متردد بقوة 30 وات يوفر 100-240 فولت من التيار المتردد
    بطارية ليثيوم أيون رباعية الخلايا


  • الأمان المادي:
    فتحة قفل كابل Kensington®