Dell OpenManage Network Manager 6.1


Simplify and centralize your network management

OpenManage™ Network Manager makes it easy to automate labor-intensive tasks while monitoring and managing Dell™ network switches — all from a single web-based console.

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dell-openmanage-network-manager-Network management made easy

Network management made easy

With a redesigned interface, new capabilities, enhanced support for the Dell family of network switches, and multi-vendor support, OpenManage Network Manager now makes it easier than ever to manage your converged network infrastructure with:
  • One-to-many functionality to automate configuration management
  • Easy monitoring and diagnoses of networking health and performance
  • Ability to deploy firmware, back-up and restore configurations across many switches and routers
  • Affordable subscription-based model
dell-openmanage-network-manager-Key benefits of OpenManage Network Manager

Key benefits of OpenManage Network Manager:

  • Automates the discovery of network devices and provides detailed information on their connectivity, including the ability to draw physical and logical topology maps.
  • Easily configure and manage groups of network devices; configuration changes and firmware deployments can be made to multiple devices in one operation, and many network operations can be scheduled for pre-determined times.
  • Network administrator can monitor health and performance of their network, create dashboards to capture important events, trends, and display them over time.
  • Helps reduce TCO by proactively monitoring for network problems, automating common configuration actions and enabling easy firmware deployment. 
dell-openmanage-network-manager-Key features in OpenManage Network Manager

Key features in OpenManage Network Manager:

  • Resource group management one-to-many device configuration management for back-up, restore, and deploy
  • Multi-vendor management – Manage devices from Dell plus key vendors like Cisco, Juniper, HP and Brocade
  • Improved web-based user interface that is easier to use and still highly customizable
  • ProScan configuration audit pinpoints and corrects configuration issues to stay compliant
  • Active performance monitors quickly troubleshoot network issues with notifications, thresholding on metrics
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities for inventory, firmware, interfaces, ports and more
  • Social media/collaboration platform for building operational communities across your IT silos and improving network operations

Support for Dell and multi-vendor networking products

Including but not limited to the following Dell Networking and select third-party switches: 
  • Dell Networking Z-Series, S-Series, C-Series, N-Series, E-Series, M-Series and B-Series
  • Dell Networking MXL and Dell PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator
  • Dell Networking FN410S, FN410T, FN2210S, 8100, 8000, 7000, 6000, 5000 and 3000 (includes 8132 and 8164 devices)
  • Dell Networking W-Series controllers, access points and instant access points
  • Dell PowerEdge VRTX IOM
  • Select Cisco, HP, Juniper, and Brocade switches and routers
dell-openmanage-network-manager-Pricing and upgrades

Pricing and upgrades

OpenManage Network Manager is available to customers that purchase OpenManage Network Manager 6.1 licenses. A free trial is available from Dell for a period of up to 30-day for customers wishing to purchase OMNM licenses.

One, three or five year subscriptions are available in the following license packs:
  • 25 devices
  • 50 devices
  • 100 devices
  • 175 devices
  • 250 devices
  • 300 devices
  • 500 devices
  • 1000 devices
  • 2,000 devices
Contact your Dell sales representative for current pricing.
dell-openmanage-network-manager-Dell Prosupport

Dell ProSupport

Choose Dell’s premium support service, ProSupport, for 24/7* direct telephone and online access to advanced-level technicians based in your region. Whether you have one office or hundreds around the world, protect your investments with this simple yet flexible approach.