PowerEdge M-Series Blade Servers
All M-Series Blade Servers require a M1000E enclosure with 220VA Power On-site

intel® xeon™
PowerEdge M-Series Blade Servers

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PowerEdge M820 Blade Server
PowerEdge M805 Blade Server
PowerEdge M710HD Blade Server
PowerEdge M915 Blade Server
PowerEdge M820
Power through tough workloads in dense data center environments with the exceptional performance and scalability of the 4-socket PowerEdge™ M820 blade.
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PowerEdge M915
Help increase your data center efficiency, performance and flexibility with the PowerEdge™ M915 full-height blade server, with AMD processing, maximized bandwidth and enterprise-class manageability.
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PowerEdge M910 Blade Server
PowerEdge M905 Blade Server
PowerEdge M610 Blade Server
PowerEdge M520 Server
PowerEdge M910 Blade Server
Ideal for virtualization workloads or core applications, the PowerEdge™ M910 offers an excellent blend of performance, reliability and scalability in a high-density form factor.
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PowerEdge M520
Deliver extremely capable performance and exceptional value for your business applications with no-compromise enterprise-class features with the PowerEdge™ M520.
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PowerEdge M420 Server
PowerEdge M630
PowerEdge M620
PowerEdge M610x Blade Server
PowerEdge M420
Help improve efficiency and business continuity, and finish work fast with the exceptional computing density of the PowerEdge™ M420 quarter-height blade.
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New PowerEdge M630 Blade Server
Accelerate workloads with a half-height, 2S blade server that offers greater memory bandwidth and double the SSD capacity of prior generations.
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PowerEdge M620
Gain control over your most demanding workloads with the PowerEdge™ M620 blade server, an ideal blend of density, performance, efficiency and scalability.
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