Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA Appliances


Secure mission-critical resource access for mobile users.

Solutions that give up to 20,000 of your employees policy-enforced access from managed or personal BYO mobile devices, anywhere, anytime — without escalating costs or complexity.

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Award-winning access for the entire enterprise.

Dell Secure Mobile Access, including the award-winning, industry-leading Dell™ SonicWALL® E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) Appliance and SonicWALL Mobile Connect application give you a complete solution for mobile users to access allowed company applications, data and resources without compromising security. Employees and business partners benefit from simple, policy-enforced per-app SSL VPN access to the resources they need from managed or unmanaged BYO mobile devices, anywhere. New with Secure Mobile Access OS 11.0 for E-Class SRA, VPN access can be restricted to an authorized set of trusted mobile apps,and IT can manage and enforce BYOD personal device authorization policy terms. We're proud that Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA was named in the Visionaries Quadrant of the SSL VPN Magic Quadrant Report from Gartner, Inc., which is considered the leading analyst firm that covers the SSL VPN industry.
Award-winning access for the entire enterprise

There’s a mobility solution for every device.

The E-Class SRA Appliance provides a single gateway for all platforms — including Windows®, Macintosh® and Linux® — from almost any device, whether it’s an “in-office” experience or browser-based access. You’ll have access for iOS (iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®), Mac OSX, Google® Android™ and Kindle Fire devices, along with Symbian®, Blackberry® and WAP browsers, plus ActiveSync support for Apple iOS, Google Android and Symbian devices.

Protect from malware and rogue access

Protect enterprise networks and resources from mobile malware and rogue access with context-aware authentication which grants access only to trusted devices and authorized users. Configure policies to interrogate mobile devices for essential security information such as jailbreak or root status, device ID, certificate status and OS versions prior to granting access. Laptops and PCs are also interrogated for the presence or absence of security software, client certificates, and device ID. Devices that do not meet policy requirements are not allowed network access and the user is notified of non-compliance.

Secure access to corporate resources from personal devices

New with the Dell Secure Mobile Access OS 11.0 for E-Class SRA Appliances, administrators can establish and enforce policy to designate which mobile apps can be granted access to the network. This ensures that only authorized mobile business applications, including secure containers and VDI, utilize VPN access. Unlike competitive solutions, only the Dell Secure Mobile Access solution requires no modification to mobile apps. Any mobile app or secure container authorized by the SMA administrator can be supported without modification, app wrapping or SDK development, speeding deployment and reducing costs. In addition to establishing per-app VPN access policy, the Dell Secure Mobile Access solution validates the digital signature of the mobile app prior to granting access, ensuring the integrity of the app and further reducing the risk of malware infecting the corporate network. In addition, the solution helps enforce and track mobile worker acceptance of corporate personal device authorization policy terms. The terms of the policy are customizable by the administrator. SMA OS 11.0 records devices registered to users and the time of registration for tracking and audit purposes reducing legal risk.
A lower cost-of-ownership for a faster ROI

A lower cost-of-ownership for a faster ROI.

The Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA Appliance lowers IT costs by letting your network managers deploy and manage a single, secure gateway — with ease. This solution enables your employees to be more productive by providing easy access to more applications from more environments than any other secure access solution.

Intuitive interfaces mean that it takes less time to manage, allowing your employees to focus on the tasks that matter. And, you’ll give your employees better access to the resources they need by extending remote access to all network resources, including web-based, client/server, host-based and back-connect applications such as VoIP.

Remote access is easy, too: It’s designed for access from home PCs, kiosks, smartphones, tablets, and wired and wireless networks — including Windows®, Linux™, Macintosh® and mobile devices.
Legend: S — Standard O — Optional N — Not Available

DeploymentSonicWALL EX9000SonicWALL EX7000SonicWALL EX6000SonicWALL EX Virtual Appliance
Deployment Environment Type and SizeEnterprises with hundreds or thousands of remote access usersEnterprises with hundreds or thousands of remote access usersMidsize companies or enterprise departmentsMidsize companies or enterprise departments
Concurrent User License100 to 20,00050 to 5,00025 to 2505 to 250
Virtual Assist Maximum Number of Connections2502502525
Spike LicenseOOOO
HardwareSonicWALL EX9000SonicWALL EX7000SonicWALL EX6000SonicWALL EX Virtual Appliance
Form Factor2U rackmount1U rackmount1U rackmountN
Dimensions27.0 x 18.9 x 3.4 in17.0 x 16.75 x 1.75 in17.0 x 16.75 x 1.75 inN
(68.6 x 48.2 x 8.8 cm)(43.18 x 42.54 x 4.44 cm)(43.18 x 42.54 x 4.44 cm)N
ProcessorIntel® Quad Xeon® 2.46 GHzIntel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.1 GHzIntel® Celeron® 2.0 GHzN
32 GB RAM2 GB DDR5331 GB DDR533N
Network(4) 10GbE SFP+, (8) 1 GbE6 Stacked PCIe GB4 Stacked PCIe GBN
PowerDual Power Supply, Hot SwappableDual Power Supply, Hot SwappableFixed Power SupplyN
Input Rating100-240 VAC, 2.8.5 A100-240 VAC, 1.5 A, 50-60 Hz; or100-240 VAC, 1.2 AN
-36 - -72 VDC, 3.2 AN
Power Consumption320 W150 W75 WN
MTBF120,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hoursN
at 35°C (95°F)at 35°C (95°F)at 35°C (95°F)N
EnvironmentalWEEE, EU RoHS, China RoHSWEEE, EU RoHS, China RoHSWEEE, EU RoHS, China RoHSN
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)N
Non-operating Shock110 g, 2 msec110 g, 2 msec110 g, 2 msecN
Detect FeaturesSonicWALL EX9000SonicWALL EX7000SonicWALL EX6000SonicWALL EX Virtual Appliance
End Point Control (EPC) Interrogation at Login and/or Administrator-defined IntervalsSSSO
Advanced EPC (Anti-Virus, Personal Firewall, Anti-Spyware)SSOO
Aventail Secure DesktopSSOO
Avenetail Cache CleanerSSOO
Protect FeaturesSonicWALL EX9000SonicWALL EX7000SonicWALL EX6000SonicWALL EX Virtual Appliance
Allow, Deny and Quarantine Zones Based on EPC InterrogationSSSS
Granular Access Control (User and Group, Source IP, Service/Port, Destination URL, Host Name/IP Address, IP Range, Subnet, Domain)SSSS
Advanced ReportingOOOO
Connect FeaturesSonicWALL EX9000SonicWALL EX7000SonicWALL EX6000SonicWALL EX Virtual Appliance
WorkPlace PortalSSSS
WorkPlace Mobile (optimized portal for mobile phone browsers)SSSS
Native Access Modules (Citrix®, Windows® Terminal Services, VMware® View)SSOO
Mobile Connect for iOSSSSS
Mobile Connect for Android™SSSS
Mobile Connect for Windows 8.1S
Connect Tunnel (Windows®, Mac and Linux® access to TCP- or UDP-based Applications)SSSS
Connect Mobile (Windows® Mobile)SSSS
Connect Mobile (Android™)SSSS
Other FeaturesSonicWALL EX9000 SonicWALL EX7000 SonicWALL EX6000 SonicWALL EX Virtual Appliance
IPv6 client support SS S 
ADA 508 compliance (Management console, WorkPlace and Connect tunnel) SSSS
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browser support SSSS

Regulatory Information:

Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheets
Dell Regulatory Compliance
Dell and the Environment

Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA EX9000

Large mobile enterprises can provide full-featured, easy-to-manage, clientless or thin-client “in-office” access and integrated 10GbE connectivity for up to 20,000 concurrent users from a single E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) EX9000 appliance.

SonicWALL EX9000

Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA EX7000

Mobile enterprises can offer secure, easy-to-manage remote access for up to 5,000 concurrent mobile users from a single E-Class SRA EX7000 appliance. This clientless SSL VPN solution increases user productivity and maximizes IT control.

SonicWALL EX7000

Dell SonicWALL E-Class SRA EX6000

Medium-sized companies and enterprise departments can deliver secure, full-featured, easy-to-manage remote access for up to 250 concurrent users from a single SonicWALL E-Class SRA EX6000 appliance.

SonicWALL EX6000

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