Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace™

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Easiest way to get started quickly with VDI.

Gain VDI capability and easy access to Windows apps with the Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace.

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PowerEdge R730 Server


Low maintenance. Big possibilities.

Easy deployment. Big possibilities.

Speed time-to-value: Deploy infrastructure and provision anywhere from 50 to several thousands of users quickly and easily, whether you are a small or large organization.

Do it yourself: Easily install and deploy virtual desktops yourself. The Dell-developed 'quick start tool' is a deployment wizard which helps you and your users to get up and running on all devices within one to two hours.  

Preconfigured & easy to order: Pick the form factor you need select the type and number of user licenses and order with confidence. All appliance-related software is included, so there’s no extra software to purchase. 

Your own cloud: Increase control by forgoing public cloud services. Your Wyse appliance is hosted onsite and under your authority.

Seamless with Dell: The appliance works with all endpoints, including Dell Wyse thin clients and Chrome products, as well as many others.

Scale out: Need more than 200-300 users on a single appliance? Simply scale out by adding additional rack appliances without "rip and replace".

Tailored to your virtual desktop needs.

Cost effective and flexible: At a very affordable per user cost, the Wyse appliance can run vWorkspace for remote application delivery (RDSH) or virtual desktops (VDI) on a choice of Dell PowerEdge R730 or T630 servers, using local storage on the servers. You can choose between Microsoft SQL Standard or Express licenses and you can also leverage your pre-existing Microsoft agreement. 

Simple: Pre-packaged configurations help you easily find and order the right solution for your organization. The appliance is available in two form factors (R730 or T630) and two configurations:
  • LARGE: use as a compute node for application delivery for up to 340 users or for VDI for up to 245 users per appliance.
  • SMALL/PILOT: compute and management node in one appliance supporting up to 110 VDI users or 185 application users. If you scale out beyond one appliance, you can use this SMALL configuration as the management node to optimize resources.
Secure: Let your users work offsite with their own devices while the data and applications they use remain safe and secure on your premises. The Wyse appliance helps you maintain regulatory compliance without sacrificing data privacy or security.
Microsoft Office, meet Chromebook.

Microsoft Office, meet Chromebook.

Offer the entire Office Suite and all its capabilities that benefit your office, lab or classroom with the Dell appliance for Wyse - vWorkspace. One appliance can deliver Windows apps seamlessly to 340 Chromebooks through simplified scripts that speed usage. Use the software you know and love on the hardware you work with.

FeaturesvWorkspace - LARGEvWorkspace – SMALL/PILOT
 Delivery mode/roleAll-in-one single or scale-out compute node for:
  • App delivery/RDSH (up to 340 users)
  • Virtual desktops (up to 245 users)
All-in-one single or scale-out compute node for:
  • App delivery/RDSH (up to 185 users)
  • Virtual desktops (up to 110 users)
    Or as Management node when scaling out

Dell Server

Dell PowerEdge R730 (2U rack) or T630 (tower - 5U rackable)
Intel® Processor2x Xeon® E5-2660v4 (2.0 GHz, 14C)2x Xeon® E5-2630v4 (2.2GHz, 10C)
Memory24 x 16GB 2400MT/s RDIMMs8 x 16GB 2400MT/s RDIMMs
Storage10 x 600 GB 15K SAS 2.5" (RAID 10)6 x 600 GB 15K SAS 2.5" (RAID 10)
RAID ControllerH730P [2GB cache]
Network Controller

R730: 2 x 10Gb (SFP+ or BT) + 2 x 1Gb NDC
T630: 2 x 10Gb (SFP+ or BT) + 2 x 1Gb NIC

iDRAC:iDRAC8 Ent with integrated Dell Remote Access Controller
Power2 x 750W PSUs
Chassis Dimensions:R730: H: 8.73 cm (3.44 in.) x W: 44.40 cm (17.49 in.) x D: 68.40 cm (26.92 in)
T630: H: 44.35 cm (17.5 in.) with feet x W: 48.2 cm (18.98 in.) x D: 75.09 cm (29.56 in.)
Broker software

Wyse vWorkspace

HypervisorMicrosoft® Hyper-V
Windows ServerMicrosoft® Windows Server 2012 R2
Virtual Machine ManagerN/A
DatabaseMicrosoft® SQL Express or SQL Server 2014
Dell ProSupport®3 years on hardware
Number of users per applianceUp to 340 for RDSH
150 to 245 for VDI
Up to 185 for RDSH
70 to 110 for VDI
ScriptsIncludes deployment scripts to step user through appliance deployment.

If you order only one appliance (large or small), it is used both as a compute node and a management node (all-in-one single node). If you order more than one appliance, Dell recommends that you use the SMALL configuration as the management node and that you order rack appliances R730 to save space.

The SMALL configuration is ideal for a pilot or a proof of concept (POC) aimed at a range of 70 to 185 users. If you need to scale out, the small configuration can be repurposed as a management node while you order additional LARGE configurations as compute nodes for your increased number of users.

The LARGE configuration can accommodate more users. If you want to scale out, you need to order a small configuration to be used as the new management node, while your initial large configuration becomes a compute node. Order additional large rack configurations as compute nodes for adding more users.

For continuous operation and peace of mind, you can implement High Availability (HA) on the management layer by adding yourself a second management server (small appliance) manually configured in a failover cluster with the management VMs residing on shared storage such as an EqualLogic or Compellent array. For redundancy in the compute layer, follow an N+1 model to allow additional compute nodes to provide capacity in case a rack appliance fails.

For advanced deployments, a custom configuration of the appliance is also available in case you have specific hardware needs, such as SSDs, CPU, memory, etc.

Regulatory Information:

Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheets 
Dell Regulatory Compliance
Dell and the Environment 
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