Foglight for Storage Management

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Visualize, analyze and optimize storage infrastructure.

Monitor physical storage for optimal virtualization performance.



Uncover storage issues impacting VMs
Determine whether VM performance issues are originating in the host, fabric, or storage array. Drill down into the specific metrics of each target device for granular detail about current or historical performance issues to pinpoint the root cause of any given degradation. Foglight for Storage Management delivers end-to-end virtual infrastructure monitoring with logical visualization to help identify bottlenecks in the storage topology that impact VM performance.

Identify which VMs are affected by storage hardware devices 
By identifying which VMs will be affected by maintenance or technical issues with individual storage components, Foglight for Storage Management allows you to plan ahead and take action to prevent VM downtime. You can also see which components are connected downstream — all the way to the physical disk — and assess how much I/O is passing through each piece of hardware. This visibility enables virtual admins to alert system administrators when issues, changes, or maintenance events in storage will impact application performance.

See how storage capacity is related to VM performance 
Proactive scrutiny of physical storage hardware allows for increased uptime by preventing a lack of available storage on overcommitted storage pools and aggregates. To extract the best mix of performance and efficient utilization from thinly provisioned datastores, a deep view of the underlying subsystems is critical to the overall virtualization strategy. Foglight for Storage Management provides the level of granularity at the physical layer to commit resources with confidence.

Get a single version of the truth with this single-pane-of-glass solution
A unified and logical end-to-end view of the virtualization infrastructure gives administrators across multiple areas of responsibility the data they need to understand how separate systems impact overall VM performance. Foglight for Storage Management helps identify storage bottlenecks, provides clear reporting related to which VMs will be impacted by storage issues, proves the origin of VM performance issues, and delivers one-click troubleshooting to identify and remediate those problems. This clear and linear visualization, from the VM to the physical disk, puts an end to cross-team finger-pointing when there’s a performance problem.
  • Operating system
    Windows Server 2008 x64 or higher                        
    CentOS Linux 7 x64 or higher
    SUSE Linux 11 x64 or higher                                  
    Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS x64 or higher
    RHEL Linux 6 x64 or higher

    2.4GHz CPU(s) with eight cores total




    100 BaseT minimum with GBit network recommended

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