Dell PowerEdge R210 II Ultra-compact Rack Server

intel® xeon™
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Enterprise-ready, ultracompact 1 socket rack server

Enjoy ultimate flexibility with the compact PowerEdge™ R210 II. Deployable in almost any environment, R210 II has the power you need to run your business and the scalability to help it grow. Share, manage and protect your data, all with one system.

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PowerEdge R210II Rack Server

PowerEdge R210II Server (Overview)


PowerEdge R210II Server (Overview)


Dell PowerEdge R210II Rack Server Video

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PowerEdge R210II Server - Serious Business

Serious Business

Optimize your business with the PowerEdge R210 II. Easy to manage and fully scalable, with the performance and features to run applications and facilitate data sharing and protection, the R210 II is ideal for small businesses and remote offices alike.

Business Value

The PowerEdge R210 II offers a range of options that deliver the value, processor performance and scalability to meet your business needs.

PowerEdge R210II Server — Business Value
Technology that delivers value with performance and the essential features to operate your small businesses efficiently.
PowerEdge R210II Server (Overview)
A full selection of Intel® Xeon® processor to meet your performance needs. Choose from the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v2 Family, Intel® Pentium® processor G600 and G800 series or Intel® Celeron® processor G400 and G500 series.

Easy to Manage

The Dell™ PowerEdge™ R210 II lets you focus on running your business. The optional advanced embedded management engine, Dell™ Lifecycle Controller, automates common management tasks and enables zero-media, low-touch deployment that is efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

PowerEdge R210II Server (Overview)
The optional Dell™ Lifecycle Controller is integrated on the server and can simplify administrator tasks by performing a complete set of provisioning functions such as system deployment, system updates, hardware configuration and diagnostics from a single intuitive interface called Unified Server Configurator in a pre-OS environment. This eliminates the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of disparate CD/DVD media.
PowerEdge R210II Server (Overview)
With Dell™ Lifecycle Controller server deployment automation, the R210 II is up and running fast. Also part of the Dell™ OpenManage™ portfolio is the Dell™ Management Console, which is included with every Dell™ server and provides IT administrators with a consolidated console view of their IT infrastructure.

Flexible, Secure Technology

PowerEdge R210II Server - Flexible, Secure Technology
The Dell™ PowerEdge™ R210 II has built-in redundant hard drives, encryption, security and data protection options, lower wattage power supplies and ease of deployment.
Protect data with hardware- and software-enabled encryption.
Secure business information with hard drive RAID to make copies of data automatically.


  • Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 product family
    Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 V2 product family
    Intel® Pentium® G600 and G800 series
    Intel® Celeron® G400 and G500 series

Operating System (Dell recommends Windows 10 Pro.)

  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012
    Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server 2011
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation SP1
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2, x86/x64 (x64 includes Hyper-V®)
    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, x64 (includes Hyper-V v2)
    Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008
    Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
    Virtualization options:
    Citrix® XenServer®
    Microsoft Hyper-V, a server role in Microsoft Windows Server operating systems
    VMware® vSphere® and ESXi™
    Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization®


  • Intel® C202


  • Up to 32GB (4 DIMM slots) 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB DDR3 up to 1600MT/s


  • Cabled hard drive options:
    2.5" SATA SSD, SAS (10K)
    3.5" SAS (15K), nearline SAS (7.2K), SATA (5.4K, 7.2K)

    Maximum Internal Storage:

    Up to 6TB*

Drive Bays

  • Cabled options available:
    • Up to two 3.5" SAS or SATA drives
    • Up to four 2.5" SATA SSD or SAS drives


  • 1 PCIe x16 G2 slot

RAID Controllers

  • Internal Controllers:
    PERC S100 ( software based)
    PERC S300 (software based)
    PERC H200 (6Gb/s)


    External HBAs (non-RAID):
    6Gbps SAS HBA

Network Controller

  • One Dual port Broadcom BCM 5716


  • Broadcom® NetXtreme® 5709 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet NIC, Copper, w/TOE PCIe x4
    Broadcom® NetXtreme® 5709 Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet NIC, Copper, TOE/iSCI PCIe x4
    Broadcom® NetXtreme® II 5709 Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet NIC, Copper, w/TOE/ iSCI PCIe x4
    Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port Adapter, Gigabit Ethernet NIC, PCIe x4
    Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port Adapter, Gigabit Ethernet NIC, PCIe x4


  • Single cabled power supply (250W) (80+ SILVER)


  • Quad-pack LED diagnostic, ECC Memory, add-in RAID, TPM/TCM

Video Card

  • Matrox G200eW w/8MB memory


  • 42.4 H x 434.0 W x 394.3 D (mm)


    1.66” H x 17.09” W x 15.52” D (in)


    Rack Support
    ReadyRails™ static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded and 2-post (Telco) racks


  • BMC, IPMI 2.0 compliant
    Dell OpenManage™
    Unified Server Configurator
    Lifecycle Controller enabled via optional: iDRAC6 Express, iDRAC6 Enterprise and vFlash

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Acoustics:
    Typically configured* 3.5" cable chassis in 23 ± 2 °C ambient
    Idle: LwA-UL* = 5.2 bels; LpA* = 40 dBA


Dell 全球服務包含各種客製化選項,幫助您簡化 IT 環境的評估、設計、實作、管理、維護等工作,並在您轉換平台時適時提供協助。依據您目前的業務需求以及需要的服務等級,我們可以提供符合您需求和預算的原廠、現場、遠端、模組化及專業化等各種服務。我們會視您的選擇提供程度不一的協助,也可提供我們的全球資源 (例如全球指揮中心) 存取權限。

Dell ProConsult
Dell ProConsult 全球基礎架構諮詢服務運用經驗豐富的解決方案設計師、創新的工具、自動化的分析以及我們自己的智慧財產,幫助客戶在面對不必要的複雜性時,快速整理出複雜性產生的根本原因。我們秉持解決問題不應耗費大量人力的理念,找出傳統服務模式無法提供的更佳解決方法。我們協助客戶快速識別高影響力的短期專案,提供投資報酬的同時釋放各項資源,以獲得競爭優勢。最終將可創造實用的行動計畫,提供明確、可預測及可測量的成果。不論是資料中心最佳化、伺服器虛擬化,還是系統管理,我們的諮詢服務都能協助您建立更有效率的企業。

Dell ProManage

Dell ProManage 管理服務是模組化的生命週期服務組合,協助客戶自動化並集中配置、部署以及管理日常的資料中心營運。這些服務透過可加強因應各種挑戰,例如行動能力、高度分散機構、安全性、法規遵循、業務持續性以及災難準備等外部的雲端服務,來延伸客戶現有的後端 IT 基礎架構。


營運: Dell 能夠協助資料中心營運最佳化,範圍包括儲存、備份及虛擬環境,主要重點為遠端監控、報告以及警示,並提供儲存及備份環境的完整遠端管理功能,釋放 IT 資源。

保護: Dell 資料中心備份管理服務可提供報告協助您修訂 SLA 需求,並具備監控功能,讓您藉以提升程序效率,或強化備份環境的完整管理功能。

資產回收與再利用:Dell 資產回收與再利用服務可讓您按照符合 EPA 規範的方式,回收並處置自有或租賃的電腦設備。

Dell ProSupport

Dell ProSupport 是一套支援服務,可讓您依據機構的需求,建立適合的解決方案。您可依據使用技術的方式,以及資源的配置所在,來選擇支援模式。從桌上型電腦到資料中心,我們都能克服日常的 IT 問題,例如意外停機、關鍵任務需求、資料與資產保護、支援計畫、資源分配、軟體應用程式管理等問題。選擇適合的支援模式,讓您的 IT 資源最佳化。
我們將 Dell Compellent、Dell EqualLogic、Dell PowerVault 及 Dell/EMC 等容易部署、管理與擴充的產品組合起來,打造出功能一應俱全的創新儲存產品組合。不論您使用網路附加儲存 (NAS)、直接附加儲存 (DAS)、網際網路 SCSI (iSCSI) 或光纖通道 (FC),Dell 都能提供產品因應您的企業需求,並減少儲存成本和複雜性。

Dell 儲存裝置的價值

Dell 儲存裝置的價值:
Dell 提供開放式的標準化解決方案,讓所有規模的客戶都能整合新興技術,不必犧牲效能或現有的 IT 投資效益。 

直接附加儲存 (DAS)                                                  直接附加儲存 (DAS):
Dell PowerVault MD 儲存系列為 Dell PowerEdge 伺服器提供簡易又實惠的擴充方式,實現優異的可用性和擴充能力,適合資源需求量大的業務應用程式。
由於需要備份和保護的資料量持續增加,但備份時間卻越來越短,許多 IT 部門已經改用或新增磁碟式備份方式。
 網路附加儲存 (NAS)網路附加儲存 (NAS):  
專業的網路附加儲存 (NAS) 儲存伺服器擁有自己的 IP 位址,可透過區域網路 (LAN) 或 Wide Area Network (WAN) 提供服務給多個用戶端和伺服器。
Dell DX 物件儲存平台的設計可讓您智慧存取、儲存、保護及發佈固定數位內容。 
 儲存區域網路 (SAN)儲存區域網路 (SAN):  
儲存區域網路 (SAN) 是共用儲存裝置的網路,例如磁碟儲存陣列和磁帶自動化。

Dell 企業解決方案

Dell 提供各種創新與先進的軟體解決方案,充分發揮您的技術,以單一來源滿足您所有端對端的 IT 需求。



Lifecycle Controller 是進階內嵌管理的引擎,屬於 iDRAC Express 或 iDRAC Enterprise 選購產品的一部分,應用於新的 PowerEdge R210 II 伺服器。Lifecycle Controller 是整合於伺服器中的晶片, 可在準作業系統環境中,由所謂「統一伺服器配置器」(USC) 的直覺式單一介面,執行完整的佈建功能,例如系統部署、系統更新、硬體組態和診斷,以簡化管理員工作, 您不再需要使用及維護數量眾多而又分散的 CD/DVD 媒體。



Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation

Windows Server 2008 Foundation

若您的組織有 15 名以上的使用者,而且正在尋找經濟實惠又可支援各種基本 IT 功能的解決方案,例如檔案與列印共用、遠端存取與安全性,以及執行業務應用程式等,那麼在此向您推薦 Windows Server® 2008 Foundation 這款既可靠又能夠滿足企業需求的解決方案。


Windows Small Business Server 2011

Windows Small Business Server 2011

Windows Small Business Server 2011 (SBS 2011) 可供多達 75 名使用者的企業或裝置使用;此套裝產品提供整合式解決方案,具有自動備份和還原功能,可保護您的資料和電子郵件,也可執行遠端存取及協同合作,帶領企業邁向全新境界。因此非常利於從點對點網路轉換至伺服器型網路。Dell PowerEdge 伺服器在出廠前便已為 Windows SBS 2011 完成最佳調校,無論您的網路規模為何,都能讓您輕鬆轉換伺服器軟體。


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