Identity and Access Management

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Safer access for your workforce.

Give your employees and administrators access to the right systems and data, simply and securely.

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Dell Quest Identity Access Manager


Dell Quest Identity Access Management - Secure, compliant access.
Secure, compliant access.
Giving your employees the right access to systems and data should be managed by your business, not your IT department. Quest® One Identity Solutions let you govern access in an agile, effective way that doesn’t burden your IT department, so you can put your controls in the hands of the right people. A closed-loop approach to access governance ensures complete adherence to established policies and automates multi-platform data access governance to quickly address security threats — and prevent them before they occur. Give employees the access they need with an end-to-end solution for the entire life cycle of your business.

Smart, automated provisioning.
Enable automated, codeless, business-driven provisioning of user identities and access privileges. Quest Identity and Access Management solutions add identity intelligence to provisioning to overcome the typical security, cost, deployment, and complexity limitations of traditional IAM frameworks.

An integrated, unified approach to IAM.
Quest One Identity Solutions integrate with existing identity and access management frameworks or point solutions to reduce complexity, shorten deployment times, and fill critical functionality gaps. Quest One complements your existing IAM approach to improve security, help you achieve compliance, and enhance efficiency.
Dell Quest Identity Access Management - Manage identity and access easily.
Manage identity and access easily.
Consolidate all roles, actions, policies, rights, and resources into a single, well-controlled, flexible IAM structure. Quest One Identity Solutions provide you with comprehensive control and a clear view of all IAM components, enabling you to make sound decisions based on real-time intelligence. Unify identity data (users, groups, passwords, and supporting data for roles) enterprise wide to support a unified and intelligent approach to identity. You can also optimize your environment for migrations to IAM solutions, outsourced management, virtualized environments, and cloud services.

Simple, automated control for governance.
Quest One Identity Solutions help you control user accounts and access by providing the best structure to address your identity and access needs. Define and access roles, control, policy, workflows, and attestations to meet security, efficiency, and compliance objectives. You can also control and audit administrative access with delegation and command control, keystroke logging and session audit, policy-based control, and secure and automated workflows using a secure privilege safe.


Secure, multi-factor authentication.
Quest One Identity Solutions address many of the most pressing user login and password management issues facing complex enterprises: the high cost of password resets, inconsistency of password policy across platforms and applications, and the problems of multiple, disparate passwords. Our solutions build on your existing investments to deliver all the security and control you need, without redundant management tools and practices.
Dell Quest Identity Access Management - Easy monitoring for a safer environment.
Easy monitoring for a safer environment.
Minimize the burden imposed on IT from compliance and audit demands. Quest One Identity Solutions streamline the way you prove compliance through automation and reporting consolidation. And in case of a security breach, you can quickly and accurately report on security incidents including what, when, and where the breach happened, and who approved access.

Prevent vulnerability and violations.
Quest One Identity Solutions let you quickly and easily find accounts and users with inappropriate access rights through an extremely deep discovery of Active Directory environments, as well as access governance for the entire enterprise.
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