Shared Infrastructure PowerEdge Servers

intel® xeon™
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  • The New PowerEdge VRTX

Available models

PowerEdge M630
PowerEdge M830 Blade Server
PowerEdge VRTX
Poweredge FX2 components
PowerEdge M630 Blade Server
Accelerate workloads with a half-height, 2S blade server that offers greater memory bandwidth and double the SSD capacity of prior generations.
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PowerEdge M830 Blade Server
Accelerate application performance, convergence and time-to-value for data center or office workloads with manageable, high-density blades.
Dell PowerEdge VRTX Shared Infrastructure Platform
Integrates servers, storage and networking in a compact shared infrastructure platform with office-level acoustics and 240V power support.
Dell PowerEdge FX converged architecture components
Modular server, storage and networking blocks neatly combine in a compact, converged 2U rack chassis to redefine data center agility.
Server PowerEdge fx2 chassis
PowerEdge M1000e
Dell PowerEdge FX converged architecture
Fit infrastructure to the job with modular server, storage and networking blocks that neatly combine in the FX2 converged 2U rack chassis.
Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure
Environments needing to consolidate computing resources to maximize efficiency. Ultra dense servers, easy to deploy and manage, while minimizing energy and cooling consumption

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PowerEdge VRTX 
PowerEdge VRTX
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