Wyse WSM Desktop and Application Virtualization is now part of Wyse vWorkspace

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On-demand desktop/app virtualization and server provisioning.

High performance, secure desktop and application virtualization that is cost-effective, easy to manage and configure. Now a part of vWorkspace which is called "Wyse vWorkspace WSM".

Dell Wyse WSM


NEWS: WSM is now part of vWorkspace

Wyse WSM used to be a stand-alone software product. As of 1st February 2015, it is available for trial, licensing, sales and download as part of Wyse vWorkspace Premier, Dell’s simple, flexible and high-performance desktop virtualization software solution. Wyse vWorkspace offers traditional cloud-hosted desktop virtualization (Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Sessions and Windows or Linux VDI) and now, with the addition of WSM, client-hosted desktop virtualization functionality (which includes OS image streaming, application layering and server imaging). Existing WSM customers with a maintenance contract should write to vworkspace_info@dell.com to request a license swap from WSM to vWorkspace at no extra cost.

High-performance desktop and application virtualization solution with server provisioning

Enable virtually any Windows application to run on a cloud client endpoint just as it would on a traditional PC, without the security exposures or management and maintenance costs. The client-hosted desktop virtualization functionality of vWorkspace (formerly WSM) delivers desktop images and applications separately to stateless, diskless clients on demand from the cloud. This enables IT to quickly swap OS images, with enterprise-wide software updates and patches as easy as a file drag-and-drop.

This functionality also enables provisioning of server images from a central location to multiple physical or virtual server platforms.
Dell Wyse WSM — cloud-based desktop and application virtualization
  • High performance: A rich locally executing speedy PC experience that, to the user, is indistinguishable from that of a traditional desktop system, with complete application and peripheral compatibility.
  • Easy maintenance: Centralized web-based administration with policy-based control, and one-click device recovery and cleanup.
  • Scalability: Distributed architecture with multiple server support that easily scales across a campus or a global enterprise.

Outstanding security and compliance

Provide a productive, uninterrupted virtual computing experience with Wyse vWorkspace, enabling secure and tamper-resistant desktop and app virtualization. With stateless and diskless clients, desktops are extremely secure and require no local management.

The benefits include:
  • Functionality even with WAN failure: Distributed architecture helps make sure that remote branches continue working with virtualized desktops and applications even if the wide area network (WAN) breaks down.
  • High security: All OS images, applications and data, including saves and writes, are safely stored on the server. The OS, applications and content are wiped clean from each client at log off.
  • Tamper resistance: Centrally managed distributed processing architecture helps ensure that OS images and applications meet government and/or industry compliance requirements.

Compatible with a vast array of apps and peripherals

If it works with Windows®, it will work with vWorkspace. The client-hosted desktop virtualization functionality of vWorkspace is adaptable to virtually any Windows environment, offering security, ease of management and control. It allows flexible use of client endpoints, including existing desktops and laptops, thin clients or stateless cloud desktops. It is an ideal solution for:

Dell Wyse WSM — cloud-based desktop and application virtualization
Education: Manage client-hosted virtual desktops throughout a school or district from a central location, and enable labs and classrooms to run a vast variety of Windows apps, including those not published for VDI. Retain tight control over apps and images through cloud desktops or offer more flexibility for users and administrators with laptops or thin clients for endpoints.
Dell Wyse WSM — cloud-based desktop and application virtualization
Healthcare: Gain the local performance of a desktop with the storage capacity of a central server with a cost-effective vWorkspace deployment. Link your branch and distributed facilities through your wide area network (WAN) to help simplify compliance and ensure continuous availability.
Dell Wyse WSM — cloud-based desktop and application virtualization
Enterprise: vWorkspace enables deployment of Windows desktops and applications across distributed geographic locations, simplifying image management while retaining central control over security and compliance.
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