PowerConnect M8024 Switch

Intel® Xeon™
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10 Gb flexible modularity for PowerEdge M1000e enclosures

Data centers deploying Dell blade servers with increasing I/O performance and bandwidth requirements driven by technologies such as HPCC and virtualization.

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10 Gigabit Ethernet

Each PowerConnect M8024 switch provides 24 10-GbE ports to the Dell PowerEdge™ M1000e blade chassis. This valuable capability delivers 10 GbE to each of the up to 16 server blades. The enhanced bandwidth and performance more than satisfies the increasingly important requirements of servers embracing technologies like virtualization.

Extreme Flexibility

In addition to the 16 internal 10 GbE ports, the M8024 delivers flexible external I/O connectivity choices, utilizing up to two modular 10 Gb Base-T, CX-4 and/or small form-factor pluggable + (SFP+) uplinks. Each SFP+ module provides four 10 GbE ports. When using two SFP+ modules, a total of eight external 10GbE ports are provided. Each CX-4 module provides three 10 GbE ports. Two CX-4 modules yield a total of six external 10 GbE ports. Two 10 Gb Base-T modules provide four 10 GbE ports. For even more flexibility, the M8024 supports mixed environments using combinations of SFP+, 10 Gb Base-T and CX-4 modules.

High Density

The PowerConnect M8024 is designed for the Dell PowerEdge M1000e chassis and extends significant bladed benefits, including:

  • Optimized data center space utilization
  • Reduced cabling and related components
  • Shared power and cooling infrastructure
  • Overall lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

PowerConnect Family Benefits

The Dell PowerConnect M8024 is a member of a broad family of Dell PowerConnect products and enjoys valuable features, functions and benefits available in other Dell switches installed in the data center. This not only eases integration but also simplifies ongoing management. IT personnel will find familiar products recognized for their valuable capabilities. Additionally, IT server administrators will find deployment of the M8024 to be simplified, and will enjoy the benefits delivered by the Simple Switch firmware feature included with the M8024. These capabilities, along with the rich capabilities of the M8024, make deploying 10 Gb Ethernet a quick and effective solution for growing data centers with Dell PowerEdge blades.

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