Dell Latitude Laptops for Business

windows 8
intel® core™ processors
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Latitude 3-SeriesAffordable business laptop for mobile professionals on the go.
Latitude 3-Series
- Starting weight is 3.5lbs
- Windows 7 Professional on select
- Up to an i3 Intel processor available

Latitude 3000 Series

Latitude 3000 Access
Latitude 5-Series Balanced investment in mobility, productivity and features.
Latitude 5-Series
- Starting weight 4.5lbs
- E-Family docking solution with 3.0
  USB ports
- IT manageability with remote 
  and battery and BIOS management

Latitude 5000 Series

Latitude 5000 Access
Latitude 6-Series Fully featured to provide superior mobile productivity.
Latitude 6-Series
- Starting weight 4.44lbs
- Over 9+ hours battery life and
  E-Family docking solution options
- Durability with a Tri-metal™ chassis
  and an enhanced hard drive
Latitude 7000 SeriesBusiness class performance in an ultra-mobile design.
Latitude 7000 Series
- Starting weight >3lbs
- Over 10+ hours of battery life and
  E-Family docking solution options

Latitude-7000 Series

Latitude 7000 Access
Latitude Rugged SeriesReady for the toughest of environments
Latitude Rugged Series
- Starting weight 5.52lbs
- Swappable battery and docking
- Environmental testing and

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Dell Smart Selection

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