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Engineering & Manufacturing         Engineering & Manufacturing

• Iterate & validate new designs faster than ever
• Powerful, tailored solutions designed & optimized for
  SolidWorks®, CATIA®, NX, Inventor® and more.
• The top professional-grade components from Intel®,
  Nvidia® & AMD.

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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

• AutoCAD®, Revit®, Microstation® solutions designed
  to take on any task
• Highly accurate and reliable solutions to help you save time
  and control costs
• Run at peak performance with the Dell Precision Performance
  Optimizer, primed for top engineering software
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Media & Entertainment          Media & Entertainment

• Technology that waits on you, not the other way around.
• Solutions ready for animation, video & audio editing/rendering
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Oil & Gas: Exploration & Simulation

• Robust solutions for geophysical research
• The performance you need to discover the next big asset
• Accurate image interpretation and fast rendering

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Oil & Gas: Exploration & Simulation

Economics & Financial Services          Economics & Financial Services

• Optimized performance for fast and accurate data analysis
• Lots of screen real estate with up to eight displays
• Some of the highest levels of security to help protect your data
• Maximize uptime with Dell Patented Reliable Memory Technology

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Dell Precision Fixed Workstations                  Dell Precision Fixed Workstations

• Entry to premium level models
• Engineering solutions
• Design & animated 2D/3D
• ISV-certified reliability

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Dell Precision Mobile Workstations                             

• On-the-go performance laptop
• Available 15.6" and 17.3" screen size
• Engineering solutions
• Design & animated 2D/3D
• Integrated docking
• ISV-certified reliability

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Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision Rack Workstations                      Dell Precision Rack Workstations

• A 2U rack form factor allows the system
  to be placed in the data center, to centralize
  data and protect intellectual property as
  well as physical assets.

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 Dell Wyse Datacenter for Virtual Workstations

• High-performance, reliable and secure desktop
virtualization with ISV certifications for data and
graphic intensive workloads

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 Dell Wyse Datacenter for Virtual Workstations

Workstation Selector Tool  Workstation Selector Tool                                                    

• Find your workstation faster. Let us provide
  recommendations based on your selection of
  applications and needs.

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Why a Workstation

• Dell Precision workstations are built for top
  performance – from advanced analysis to
  engineering, animation or product and building

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 Why a Workstation

Featured Videos

Kenguru Video     coolers video    Dell Precision workstations
Kenguru designs first
ever electric vehicle for
wheelchair users with
Dell Precision & Autodesk
 Dell Precision helps design
the world’s first indestructable
 Dell Precision workstations
power design-driven
 Engineering vertical video  precision-m2800  Dell Precision M3800
Design your most complex
projects with the Dell
Precision T5810
 Dell Precision M2800 has
great performance
and reliability
 Discover how L.A. filmmakers
rely on the power of the Dell
Precision M3800

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Empower your Business today!

Empower your Business today!

Empower your Business today!
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Dell's ISV Certification Partners

Dell's ISV Certification Partners

Chances are your software has had hundreds of testing hours on Dell Precisions.
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Dell Precision Optimizer

Dell Precision Optimizer

The Dell Precision solution for enhanced application performance.
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