Dell Inspiron Desktops

Dell Inspiron Desktops
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Inspiron Family Overview

The New Inspiron

Sleek, stylish and customizable, Inspiron desktops – slim or standard, AMD or Intel – are built to meet your needs. Inspiron desktops: The smart choice.
Dell Inspiron Desktop
Dell Inspiron Desktop

Always Connected

Inspiron desktops make it easy to stay in touch whether you’re connecting to the Internet or wirelessly networking your home. Clear desktop clutter with additional wireless options to connect your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

Express Yourself

Choose a standard or slim desktop, coordinate it with a flat panel and build it your way, with customized memory, storage, graphics and multimedia capabilities. Compact, sleek and sophisticated. It's Inspiron. It's you.

Hi Def Life

Inspiron desktops make your digital life more fun. Use your desktop to explore, create and play using a fully loaded selection of media features.

Smart Services

Whether you demand secure data back-up, rigorously tested quality or smart services and support, Dell has a solution that’s smart, simple and on your terms.

Dell Inspiron Desktop

It's a Dell

The Dell badge is a symbol of quality and reliability. When we develop a new product we put it through the rigors of true-to-life use and then some, helping ensure it meets our strict quality guidelines.
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