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Alienware Area-51 Desktop

Alienware Area-51 Desktop
Alienware Area-51 Desktop - Control Your DestinyAlienware Area-51 Desktop - Control Your DestinyAlienware Area-51 Desktop - Control Your Destiny

The Ultimate Visual ExperienceTM 

Crank up your gaming, movies and multimedia with the most powerful graphics in the world. ATI CrossFireXTM  and NVIDIA®  SLI®  graphics deliver higher frame rates at HD resolutions, all while maxing out game settings. Choose the GPU brand that best fits your needs. Then add a second graphics card to experience a new level of spectacular performance. You'll wish everything could look this good.

ATI CrossFireX - Dominate any game with the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform, enhanced by the latest Microsoft®  DirectX®  technology.

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NVIDIA SLI - Don’t dial back game settings; crank ’em up. With NVIDIA SLI graphics and Microsoft DirectX technology, you will experience your digital media like never before.

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Alienware Area-51 Desktop - Ultimate Visual Experience
Alienware Area-51 Desktop - Dual Graphics Support

Multi-GPU Support - Add a second graphics card to increase your gaming performance by up to 100%, while enjoying more vivid images and faster transitions. With dual graphics cards, you can power up to four independent digital displays. Stay deep within your game on a main monitor and still keep up with your other tasks.

Unmatched Visual Immersion - Build your system with the best gaming GPUs and still have room for the other essentials of an immersive experience, including crystal clear sound and optimized networking.

Your Command Center

Alienware Command Center provides intuitive, user-friendly access to exclusive applications, including AlienFX®  lighting effects, Alienware thermal controls and AlienFusion power management. Updates and new releases download directly into Command Center, creating a constantly evolving tool for personalizing your system.

AlienFX Lighting — Choose from an array of 20 colors — up to an amazing 64 million lighting color combinations — to customize the effects across several distinct zones.

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Alienware Area-51 Desktop - Your Command Center

Alienware Area-51 Desktop - Designed for Total Domination

Designed for Total Domination

The power of the Alienware Area-51 is undeniable — inside and out. Take command immediately with Alienware's all-new, aggressive case design that includes motorized vents for managing your thermals and intimidating the competition. Available in Cosmic Black or Lunar Shadow, this sturdy desktop also offers easy access for faster upgrades.

Active Venting — This Alienware-exclusive feature helps your system stay cooler in the heat of battle. Controlled through Alienware's Command Center, the series of motorized vents can be programmed to allow greater airflow in high-performance situations.

Easy, Lighted Access - Look inside the Alienware Area-51, and you'll see why it's easier than ever to make this desktop your own. You can access most of the core components without any tools for faster upgrades. And the chassis includes two-zone, internal theater lighting — powered by rechargeable batteries — so you can service the system even when the A/C cord is unplugged.

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Liquid Cooling - Eliminate distractions with high-performance CPU liquid cooling, which is more than twice as quiet as the standard heatsink and fans on other PCs. The efficient cooling also increases the reliability of your overclocked settings.

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Alienware Area-51 Desktop - Easy Access

Alienware Area-51 Desktop - Serious Performance