Dell | EMC DD670 Disk Backup Storage

Dell | EMC DD670 Disk Backup Storage

Dell | EMC DD670 Disk Backup Storage
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Scalable backup to disk with integrated deduplication

Improve your data protection and recovery with Dell / EMC DD670 scalable backup to disk. The integrated deduplication helps you safeguard your data more efficiently, enabling you to back up more data in less space than with tape or disk backup without deduplication.
  • Experience massive data reduction with integrated inline deduplication
  • Employ cost-effective replication by reducing bandwidth requirements
  • Enjoy easy implementation, thanks to support for almost any backup and archive software
  • Choose flexible deployment options, including additional expansion shelves, Data Domain Boost and Fibre Channel Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

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Mature and scalable solution that is easy to implement and manage

Deploy well-established disk-based backup with integrated deduplication from Dell and EMC. Wizard-based controls make setup and management easy, enabling you to focus time and resources on your business, not your backup.

  • Implement without redesigning your entire backup environment.
  • Expand capacity by adding up to four ES20 drive shelves with 16 1TB* drives each or two ES20 shelves with 16 2TB* drives each.
  • Protect up to 1.12PB of logical capacity with up to 76TB of raw capacity and a 20x dedupe ratio*.
  • Enjoy flexible deployments with support for heterogeneous hardware environments and several connectivity protocols.
            Dell | EMC DD670 Disk Backup Storage: Mature and scalable solution that is easy to implement and manage

Improve data protection and recovery time while lowering costs

Disk backup with high-throughput inline deduplication can help you be well-prepared to:

  • Protect growing volumes of data
  • Reduce organizational impact from primary data loss
  • Cut the costs of managing data protection

The Dell / EMC DD670 enables you to store more data in a nearline setting longer and in a smaller footprint than with tape or disk backup without deduplication. It also helps you simplify your backup environment by moving tape systems from backup to long-term archiving.

  • Achieve 90-97% backup data reduction with a typical 10-30x deduplication ratio.
  • Reduce hardware, management, power and cooling costs compared to other deduplication applications, thanks to performance that isn't dependent on the number of disk drives.
  • Enable enterprise data retention compliance with EMC Data Domain Retention Lock, EMC Data Domain Encryption and data shredding.
  • Achieve optimal capacity savings with a solution designed from the ground up around variable block deduplication.
  • Restore up to 9.7 times faster than tape.
Dell | EMC DD670 Disk Backup Storage: Enhance disaster recovery and ensure data integrity

Enhance disaster recovery and ensure data integrity

Disk-based backup can help you recover quickly from system failures and the optional EMC Data Domain Replicator software solution provides network-efficient replication for disaster recovery (DR). The EMC Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture helps ensure data integrity in your backups.

In addition, the deduplication technology in the DD Series storage disk backup systems enables up to a 99% bandwidth reduction for replication in a typical backup environment with a 5-10% incremental change rate. Lower bandwidth requirements can make replication a viable DR solution you can use to protect your data should the unexpected happen.

  • Five different options for replication and offsite data protection
  • Low-bandwidth replication optimization using delta compression
  • Data Invulnerability Architecture providing one of the industry’s best defenses against data integrity issues, featuring:
    Continuous fault detection and healing
    End-to-end verification of data recoverability at time of backup
    Redundant system components and RAID 6 architecture
  • Centralized and automated data protection to help alleviate resource burdens on remote and branch offices

Solutions that are just for you

Analyzing your storage environment and evaluating your long-term objectives are your first steps toward effective storage optimization. Dell ProConsult Data Protection and Storage Optimization consulting services can help you find the answers you need and implement the ideal solution to store, access and protect your data. These services include:

  • Storage Simplification Workshop
  • Backup, Recovery and Archive Assessment
  • Backup/Restore Stabilization and Optimization
  • Deduplication Design

In addition, the Data Domain Deduplication Calculator can help you determine how to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements and compare the results to traditional disk and tape-based methods.

            Dell | EMC DD670 Disk Backup Storage: Solutions that are just for you