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Inspiron 1721 Laptop

Inspiron 1721 Laptop
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Introducing the new 17" Inspiron laptop, available in 8 colors. Packed with long-ranging wireless options and cutting edge technology. Backed by smart, simple service options.
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Serious Fun

Mobile home office or portable entertainment center? Now you don’t have to choose. The Inspiron 1720 and 1721 laptops pack the power you need for work or play, with a large widescreen display for high-definition digital experience, media, photo or video editing, and more.

Express Yourself

Midnight Blue, Jet Black, or Spring Green? You decide. With 8 optional color backs to choose from, optional premium micro satin finishes and coordinating accessories, your new Inspiron laptop is all about you.
Dell Inspiron Laptops
Dell Inspiron Laptops

Always Connected

Whether you want to do your banking from a café or connect to the world from your favorite city park, the new 17" Inspiron allows you to get online virtually anytime and anywhere.*

Hi-Def Life

Use your laptop to explore, create and play with a fully loaded selection of media features.
Dell Inspiron Laptops

Smart Services

Whether you demand secure data back-up, rigorously tested quality or smart services and support, Dell has a solution that’s smart, simple and on your terms.
Dell Inspiron Laptops

Dell Inspiron Laptops

It's a Dell

The Dell badge is a symbol of quality and reliability. When we develop a new product we put it through the rigors of true-to-life use and then some, helping ensure it meets our strict quality guidelines.