Vostro 1520 Laptop

Vostro 1520 Laptop

Dell Vostro 1520 Laptop
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Small Business Mobility without Compromise
Perfect balance of mobility, performance and price in a laptop designed for small business.

  • Long battery life
  • Mobile Broadband* and fast wireless connections
  • Intel®  Core™2 Duo processors and NVIDIA®  GeForceTM  graphics




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Designed specifically to meet the unique needs and requirements of small businesses, VostroTM  laptops give you the freedom to buy exactly what you need in a small business laptop. The Vostro 1520 15.4" laptop is packed with some of the latest technologies, connectivity options and comes with exceptional support all at a great price - so you can achieve more while spending less. With Vostro laptops, you can get the big business technologies without the big business price.
Customize to your heart’s content. The Vostro 1520 gives you loads of choices – pick features that mean the most to you, whether a premium panel, mobile broadband or a solid state drive.

The wide spectrum of available services allow for an offering that scales to meet your customized needs including:
  • Dell On-Site Service* helps to get your new Dell desktop, notebook and workstation up and running quickly.
  • Extended Battery Service* gives you the flexibility to extend the terms of your laptop battery coverage for the remainder of your laptops Limited Hardware Warranty**, up to three years, and provides a battery replacement during the extended term should your primary battery fail.
  • CompleteCare* Accidental Damage Service offers the support you need when accidents happen to your Vostro laptop.
ENERGY STAR® qualified products help you save money and protect the environment through energy efficiency.

Security with Advanced Data Protection Options

Your data is sacred to your business. Vostro laptops help you treat it that way with advanced easy to use multi-level security features designed for small business.
  • Shield your secrets from prying eyes by using the fingerprint reader for multi- factor authentication or adding an encrypted hard drive* plus Trusted Platform Module (TPM) protected network connection for added security.
  • Protect your data with durable hardware options such as solid state drives, 7200 RPM Free Fall Sensor hard drives, magnesium alloy reinforced base and spill resistant keyboard.
  • Help protect your client information, design plans and financial records by subscribing to services such as Dell ProSupport* Hard Drive Data Recovery, Certified Data Destruction, Laptop Tracking and Recovery, Remote Data Delete and DataSafe Online backup.

Security with Advanced Data Protection Options; Vostro 1520 Laptop

Do More - Anywhere, Anytime; Vostro 1520 Laptop


Do More - Anywhere, Anytime

Make it happen. In a bistro, waiting for a plane or in your client’s board room, Vostro laptops simply make it easy and fast to achieve more no matter where you are.
  • Long battery life, mobile broadband, fast wireless connections and Dell’s Extended Battery Service help to keep you going without interruption.
  • You can reduce expenses, increase productivity, and broaden your reach when you communicate face-to-face with customers, partners or colleagues through the optional, easy to use Dell Video Chat* video communications solution with an integrated webcam and digital microphone.
  • Get the performance your small business needs with options including Intel®  Core™2 Duo processors and a NVIDIA®  GeForceTM  graphics card.
  • Focus more on your business and less on IT while the optional Dell PC Installation & Data Migration Services installs and configures PC, server, and network equipment or software and migrates data from one system to another all while at your location.

Vostro 1520 Video

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