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OptiPlex 580 Desktop

OptiPlex 580 Desktop

OptiPlex 580 Desktop

Advancing Productivity Every Day

Reliable, stable and secure, the OptiPlex 580 is designed to maximize your organization's potential while providing employees with essential tools to get the job done right. With 3 available chassis designs, you can find solutions that best suit space and budgetary needs.

  • With the choice of AMD AthlonTM  II and PhenomTM  II processors, the OptiPlex 580 provides outstanding performance and value.
  • Windows®  7 Professional 32-Bit (available with and without XP Mode)
  • Support for up to 16GB of 1066MHz DDR3 memory* for fast, power-efficient performance and easy multi-tasking.*
  • Standard ATI RadeonTM  HD 4200 Graphics with the AMD 785G Chipset for advanced performance on graphics applications and hi-definition (HD) video.*
  • Simultaneous integrated and discrete video options for a low cost option for quad-monitor support, using both analog (VGA) and digital (DVI) ports along with a single graphics card. Additional dual-discrete-graphics options can help to increase quad-monitor performance even further.
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Advancing Productivity Every Day

Easy to Monitor and Manage

Designed to deliver uncompromised performance for end users and IT professionals alike, the OptiPlex 580 provides capabilities that allow an organization to work more efficiently and effectively.

  • Broadcom®  TruManageTM  technology allows IT to monitor and maintain the OptiPlex 580 remotely, helping to minimize user downtime and schedule patches and updates during "off peak" hours.
  • Optional Dell Image Management* and Dell ProManage* services can help lower costs while expanding the services and capabilities of your organizational IT staff.
  • The 20-month lifecycle can reduce cost and complexity normally associated with system re-certification. Additional service and support options can further extend product lifecycle.
  • Tool-less chassis design can help ease serviceability, while DirectDetect troubleshooting LEDs enable quick diagnosis of hardware issues.

Security You Can Trust

The OptiPlex 580 provides IT with multiple security options both inside and outside of the system chassis:

OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Integrated Trusted Platform Module

Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2* security provides hardware-level protection of data and passwords.
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Secure Critical Data

Secure critical data with optional full-disk-encryption (FDE) drives* or solid-state drives, and choose optional ProSupport Certified Data Destruction* and ProSupport Hard Drive Data Recovery* services for additional layers of data security.
OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Chassis Intrusion Switch

Optional chassis intrusion switch helps to protect data and the system.

OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Energy-Efficient Design, Environmental Responsibility

Energy-Efficient Design, Environmental Responsibility

With its energy-efficient, environmentally conscious design, the OptiPlex 580 reflects potential benefits to your operations and your bottom line.

OptiPlex 580 Desktop - Energy Smart PowerThe OptiPlex 580 offers Dell Energy Smart power settings and optional high-efficiency power supplies on select configurations. The Dell Client Energy Savings Calculator also lets you estimate energy usage for multiple customized OptiPlex systems.

OptiPlex 580 Desktop - ENERGY STAR 5.0 StandardsAs an ENERGY STAR-compliant partner, Dell has designed select configurations of the OptiPlex 580 to comply with ENERGY STAR 5.0 standards for energy efficiency.

OptiPlex 580 Desktop - EPEAT Gold RatingSelect configurations of the OptiPlex 580 qualify for an EPEAT®  Gold rating. Gold is the highest standard in the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT), a set of performance criteria for evaluating electronic products' environmental attributes in both public and private sectors.