OptiPlex 740 Desktop Product Details

OptiPlex 740 Desktop Product Details
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It's important to stage maximize your IT investment effectively without sacrificing performance or quality. The OptiPlex 740 offers energy-efficient performance, stability and choice in a mainstream business desktop. Dell can help you increase your productivity, making sure your investment will last.

A proven, reliable platform engineered for customers looking to balance stability, performance, and value

The Dell OptiPlex 740 is the right choice for customers aiming to balance image stability and end-user performance. Dell extends the OptiPlex 740's value by offering a longer lifecycle with proven industry-standard features such as ASF 2.0, TPM 1.2, and RAID. With support for new AMD Business Class long-lifecycle processors, the OptiPlex 740 is maximized for performance, manageability, and stability for years to come. Simplify desktop computing with the OptiPlex 740.
Essential Remote Management

Essential Remote Management

Capabilities that allow a growing business to have greater control. So you have more time for projects that can help an enterprise work better, faster and more efficiently.
  • Alert Standard Format standards-based technology (ASF 2.0) delivers enhanced security measures over the previous generation.
  • Dell Client Manager Standard (DCM) is a no-charge console download that gives IT administrators a range of remote management capabilities - including hardware discovery and inventory, configuration control and BIOS patch management - that help them streamline remote management of Dell client assets and reduce desk-side visits.

Power Efficiency

Dell offers an approach to energy that others don't. We think beyond the power supply to power management across the enterprise. That's why the OptiPlex 740 not only gives you default Energy Smart Configurations but tools like an online energy calculator to help you choose configurations that best fit your needs. We believe that saving your resources should go hand in hand with saving the Earth's resources.
  • Dell Energy Smart power management settings enabled out of the Dell factory, consumes up to 54% less power than systems disabling power management.*
  • Dell's 80% efficient power supplies are up to 10 - 12% more efficient than previous generation power supplies.
  • New processors with AMD Cool 'n' Quiet 2.0 technology help save energy without sacrificing performance.
Energy Calculator
Use Dell's Energy Calculator to compare and configure your OptiPlex 740 system for optimal efficiency.*
Power Efficiency
Smart Security

Smart Security

Strategic, comprehensive endpoint solutions for all types of businesses.
  • Data Security and Recovery with RAID 1 support ensures real time redundancy for data - helping to keep your business files intact and accessible.
  • TPM 1.2 helps protect the network from unauthorized access, while enabling multi-factor authentication with smart card and biometric readers to enhance security capabilities for email, web access and data protection.

Dell Deployment Services

To stay ahead and efficient, organizations must regularly update their technology and mobility infrastructure to current standards. Dell makes this easy with deployment service options that are designed to provide everything you need to optimize deployment no matter your scale, keeping costs down and helping to improve user experience.
  • Dell's ImageDirect is a web-based, hosted image tool that helps make it easy for you to create, manage and load your custom images to Dell client systems.
  • Dell Advanced Configuration Services speed deployment via pre-configuration of your custom settings.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Assessment and Dell Deployment can help you assess your PC deployment process to Windows Vista, recommending ways to help improve the process and maximize your IT return.
Dell Deployment Services
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