OptiPlex 745 Refurbished Desktop PC Review & Specs

OptiPlex 745 Refurbished Desktop PC Review & Specs
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Intel Core2 DuoIntel Pentium DIntel Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading logoIntel Celeron D logo
Intel®  Core™2 Duo®  Processor
Dual Core Technology
Intel® Pentium®  D Processor with
Dual Core Technology
Intel® Pentium®  4 Processor with
HT Technology
Intel® Celeron®  D Processor
Up to 6700
(2.66GHz,4MB,1066MHz FSB)
Up to 960 (3.6GHz,2X2MB,800MHz FSB)
Up to 531 (3GHz,1M,800MHz FSB)
Up to 346 (3.06GHz,256K,
  533MHz FSB)
Explore the benefits of Dual Core Technology
  Operating Systems
Learn MoreLearn More
Microsoft Windows Vista
Windows Vista®  Ultimate
Windows Vista®  Business
Windows Vista®  Home Basic
For more details on Dell systems that run Windows Vista, seewww.dell.com/vista.
Microsoft Windows XP
Dual Channel DDR2 Shared Memory
DDR2 memory architecture enables systems to improve performance and reduce power consumption. The amount of RAM you have determines how many programs can be executed at one time and how much data can be readily available to a program. It also determines how quickly your applications perform and how many applications you can easily toggle between at one time. Simply put, the more RAM you have, the more programs you can run smoothly and simultaneously.
Available DIMM Slots:
Four Memory slots offering up to 4GB*
*Ultra Small Factor has two DIMM Slots offering up to 4GB*
Memory Bandwidth:
800MHz - 12.8 GB/s with dual channel
*Ultra Small Factor does not support 800MHz
667MHz - 10.7 GB/s with dual channel
533MHz - 8.5 GB/s with dual channel
Performance Professional User:
4GB or more for Intensive simultaneous business applications with headroom for future OS/Applications
Mainstream User:
2GB or more is recommended for business users running multiple simultaneous office applications
Learn More About DDR2 Memory
  Hard Drives
SATA 3.0Gb/s
SATA 3.0 provides 2X the bandwidth of SATA with a transfer rate of 3.0Gb/s.
Benefits of the SATA II drives offered on the OptiPlex 745 is that they enable:
  • Password protection feature on the HDD. A password must be entered before the HDD can be accessed and the system boots. This provides an extra layer of data security.
  • Faster, Improved data integrity, and Improved scalability
Capacities up to 250GB**
Learn More About SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drives
  Graphics Options
256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro
ATI Logo
Features dual independent VGA or DVI display support, PCI Express x16
Good solution for graphic intensive office applications that may require dual monitor deployments.ATI Logo
128MB ATI Radeon X1300
ATI Logo
Features single VGA or DVI display support, PCI Express x16
The best for 3D presentations and video editing.ATI Logo
Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000
Intel Logo
Offers up 256MB shared memory
Good solution for surfing the web and general office applications.Intel Logo
  Chassis:, Drive Bays and More...
OptiPlex Mini-Tower ChassisOptiPlex Desktop ChassisOptiPlex Small Form Factor ChassisOptiPlex Ultra Small Form Factor Chassis
Small Form Factor
Ultra Small Form Factor
Number of Bays
2 internal 3.5", 1 external 3.5", 2 external 5.25"
Number of Bays
1 internal 3.5", 1 external 3.5", 1 external 5.25"
Number of Bays
1 internal 3.5", 1 external 3.5", 1 external 5.25"
Number of Bays
1 internal hard drive, 1 external removable hard drive
H: 16.10" W: 7.36" D: 17.52"
H: 40.89cm W: 18.69cm D: 44.50cm
H: 15.65" W: 4.59" D: 14.25"
H: 39.75cm W: 11.66cm D: 36.19cm
H: 12.45" W: 3.65" D: 13.4
H: 31.63cm W: 9.26cm D: 34cm
H: 10.3" W: 3.5" D: 9.95"
H: 26.3cm W: 8.9cm D: 25.2cm
2 full height PCI
-(H: 4.2" X L: 11")
1 PCIe x16 full height graphics,
-(H: 4.2" X L: 9")
1 PCIe x1 full height
-(H: 4.2" X L: 9")
2 low-profile PCI
-(H: 2.5" X L: 6.6")
1 low-profile PCIe x16 graphics
-(H: 2.5" X L: 6.6")
Optional Riser converts the PCIe and PCI to either 1 PCIe and 1 PCI or 2 PCI - variable height
-(H: 4.2" X L: 6.6")
1 low-profile PCI
-(H: 2.5" X L: 6.6")
1 low-profile PCIe x16 graphics
-(H: 2.5" X L: 6.6")
Power Supply
Power Supply
Power Supply
Power Supply
Network Interface - Broadcom®  5754 Gigabit Ethernet LAN solution 10/100/1000* Ethernet with Full ASF 2.0 and PXE support
  I/O Ports


Optiplex I/O Ports
1: - Stereo in, stereo out (back) & stereo out (front), headphone
2: - RJ-45 network port
3: - 9 USB 2.0 ports, 2 front, 6 back & 1 internal (USFF - 7 USB 2.0 ports, 2 front & 5 back)
4: - 1 VGA port
5: - 1 parallel port
6: - 1 serial port


Environmental Data Sheets