PowerEdge R905 Rack Server

PowerEdge R905 Rack Server
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Architected for performance and streamlined virtualization deployment.

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Dell: Innovator with iSCSI and Virtualization


Dell: Innovator with iSCSI and Virtualization

Dell’s iSCSI product portfolio helps you optimize your storage environment to best meet your business needs.
  • Enhanced and simplified virtual machine movement with iSCSI
  • Ideal for consolidation or second-tier storage with virtualized servers
  • Support both iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity for flexible deployments


Dell Storage Solutions Tailored for Virtual Servers

Your SAN fabric is a critical element to consider when implementing virtualized servers. Dell has engineered a broad portfolio of both Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN arrays that are tailored for VMware® , Microsoft® , Citrix®  and Red Hat®  virtualization solutions. In particular, iSCSI SANs offer unique capabilities that can simplify consolidated backup, virtual machine migration and disaster recovery.
Dell Storage Solutions Tailored for Virtual Servers

Latest iSCSI Insights

The Latest iSCSI Insights

For high-performance, mission-critical servers, the cost of higher bandwidth Fibre Channel is often justified. Now organizations that previously felt over-served by 4 Gbps Fibre Channel links can experience the benefits of iSCSI in their IT environments, including reduced complexity with tiered, optimized storage consolidation through virtualization.

iSCSI Solutions Made Easy

  • Deploy iSCSI for database and virtualized servers
  • Optimize connectivity based on server workload
  • Use Fibre Channel for high-throughput, low-latency applications
Visit www.dell.com/iSCSI for more details.
iSCSI Solutions Made Easy

Versatile iSCSI Storage Portfolio

Dell Offers a Versatile iSCSI Storage Portfolio


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