PowerEdge C1100 Rack Server

PowerEdge C1100 Rack Server

PowerEdge C1100 Rack Server

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2-Socket High Memory Rack Server

The high-performance PowerEdgeTM  C1100 offers massive memory and storage support in a 1U form-factor, to meet the demands of the densest datacenter environments.

  • High Memory Density: 18 DDR3 memory slots for a 2S Intel®  Xeon®  5500/5600, allowing for a maximum of 144GB.
  • High Storage Flexibility: Choose between 4 x 3.5” or 10 x 2.5” hot-plug front-loaded hard drive slots
  • Focused Feature Set: Optimized to provide only the features you need in Web 2.0, gaming, high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud-building environments.



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Maximize Your Memory

The PowerEdge C1100 has the maximum number of memory slots in an Intel®  Xeon®  5500/5600 series architecture.

This power-efficient series more than doubles your memory capacity over previous Intel®  generations, providing up to 18 DDR3 DIMM sockets for a maximum of 144GB.

In addition to supporting extremely large memory capacity, the PowerEdge C1100 supports lower-cost memory solutions by allowing for the use of smaller DIMMs in optimal configurations.
Maximize Your Memory

More Flexibility in Just 1.7" Space

At just 1U (1.7") high, the Dell PowerEdge C1100 is a purpose-built, cost-efficient solution for managing extraordinarily high volumes and frequency of data.

More Flexibility in Just 1.7


Choose from high-capacity 3.5" SATA, high-performance 2.5" serial attached SCSI (SAS), or enterprise-class single-level cell (SLC) solid-state drives (SSDs) for the optimal storage solution (up to 8TB) to support your applications.

Drive-configuration options include 10 of 2.5" or 4 of 3.5 inch drives.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

With the PowerEdge C line of servers, Dell has leveraged its expertise in custom-built hyperscale computing and high-volume production to bring ultra-dense, high-performance, efficient solutions to HPC, Web 2.0 and cloud builders.

We've designed PowerEdge C servers for large, homogenous cloud/cluster application environments where the software stack predominantly provides platform availability and resiliency. We haven't added the extra features you don't need to get the job done, such as extensive systems management, broad enterprise storage or same-day support.

*Service offers vary by country and region. Please contact your sales rep for details on availability.

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