PowerEdge C6145 AMD Processor-based 2U Rack Server

PowerEdge C6145 AMD Processor-based 2U Rack Server

 PowerEdge C6145 AMD Processor-based 2U Rack Server

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One of the highest-performing 2U servers… ever

Get fast answers to tough problems with the PowerEdge C6145, the only server in its class with two 4-socket AMD Opteron 6100 processor-based servers in 2U. Featuring up to 96 cores, up to 1TB memory and up to 40Gbps I/O per card, it helps satisfy your need for speed and efficiency.



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PowerEdge C6145 Server- Experience exceptional performance-per-U

Experience exceptional performance-per-U

Help maximize performance and rack density with up to 96 cores and 1TB* memory in a 2U enclosure—excellent for oil and gas exploration, scientific and medical research, video rendering and other challenging HPC projects.

PowerEdge C6145 Server - Break through those computing Bottlenecks.

Break through those computing bottlenecks.

If you’re overwhelmed by projects, simulations and calculations, and your data is growing too fast for you to keep up, Dell PowerEdge C6145 servers can provide the HPC muscle you need.
  • AMD processing power: 8- and 12-core AMD OpteronTM  6100 processors can deliver up to two times the performance level of AMD’s previous generation 6-core processors. This includes an 85-percent increase in integer performance and a 113-percent increase in floating point performance*.
  • Blazing I/O speed: 40Gbps I/O per card with three x16 PCIe Gen 2 slots, one x8 mezz slot, and a dedicated host interface card (HIC) slot per server, means fast connections between network and storage nodes, without weak links in the communications chain. Each part goes faster, so you can bring your results to life faster.

Configure and scale with superb flexibility

Shape your server to meet your needs. The PowerEdge C6145 provides a near-endless supply of options for solving your specific problems. It's one of the only servers to combine two 4-socket servers and 10 total PCIe slots in a single 2U chassis.

PowerEdge C6145 Server - Mix and match different cards

Mix and match different cards
Have a project with special needs? The C6145's PCIe slots give you extra flexibility to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Run, for example, a RAID controller, Infiniband card, 10GbE card and a host interface card all in the same server.

PowerEdge C6145 Server - Combine resources

Combine resources
Compute massive parallel calculations by joining a PowerEdge C6145 with a PowerEdge C410x PCIe expansion chassis (16 PCIe slots) to double the server-to-GPU ratio.

PowerEdge C6145 Server - Scale economically

Scale economically
Since the PowerEdge C6145 and C410x combination disaggregates CPUs from GPUs, you can help control costs by scaling and reconfiguring at each processor's respective refresh rate.

Economize without compromise

The high density of PowerEdge C6145 servers enables you to design an economical data center without sacrificing performance. Two 4-socket servers in just 2U of space permits shared mechanicals, power supplies and high-efficiency fans that can use less power and cooling resources while conserving rack space and cabling.

The AMD Opteron 6100 series processor that powers the server also has outstanding price/performance characteristics. When compared to a best-performing competitive two-processor (2P) platform, an AMD Opteron 6000 processor-based 4P platform can yield up to twice the performance at more than 10 percent lower total processor cost*.

PowerEdge C6145 Server - Economize without compromise



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