Dell Precision T1500 Tower Workstation Desktop

Dell Precision T1500 Tower Workstation Desktop


At a Glance

Looking for a cost-effective system to drive your Computer Aided Design productivity? The Dell Precision T1500 boasts workstation-class professional graphics card options, yet offers a cost-effective combination of technologies designed to help make the most of ever tightening budgets.

Dell Precision T1500 - At a Glance

Peace of Mind

  • Now you can have the reassurance of a workstation that is certified to run one of the most popular CAD applications while offering the value of a mainstream business desktop.
  • The Dell Precision T1500 offers a choice of ATI FireProTM , ATI FireMVTM , and NVIDIA®  Quadro®  cards and, with it, peace of mind when running AutoCAD on a complete, tested system.
  • Unlike their consumer counterparts, professional graphics cards from ATI®  and NVIDIA®  are designed to deliver accurate 3D CAD model views and accelerated OpenGL®  performance, and are tested in Dell Precision workstations for use with leading applications.

Advanced Technology

Dell Precision T1500 - Intel® Core® i7 Processors

Lightning-fast application performance and excellent productivity for users of demanding applications comes from the Intel®  Core® i7 processors and chipset technology linked with fast 1333MHz DDR3 memory.
Dell Precision T1500 - Professional Graphics Card

Interactive and responsive work comes from the professional graphics cards that take advantage of amazing bandwidth of the PCI Express Generation 2 graphics slot.
Dell Precision T1500 - Data Backup

Important data files can be loaded and stored rapidly, or backed up locally, using an optional second hard drive and RAID 0 or 1.

Dell Precision T1500 - Compact


Dell Precision T1500 - Compact Chassis DesignThe T1500 offers a compact uATX chassis design that delivers on performance while operating quietly.

Dell Precision T1500 - Small Tower WorkstationThis unobtrusive, small tower workstation is easy to position in an office and delivers the compute performance required.

Dell Precision T1500 - Quiet OperationIts quiet operation helps to provide an environment where creativity and interactivity can thrive.