Dell PowerVault TL4000

Dell PowerVault TL4000
PowerVault TL4000
Versatile. Expandable. Affordable.

Dell’s PowerVault TL4000 Tape Library offers expandable and affordable tape automation for organizations whose data-protection needs have outgrown autoloader technology or capacity. It is the product of choice for small, medium and large businesses that require an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use, automated midrange tape backup solution.

Hardware Support Service Plans

Dell's Enterprise Support Services provide customers with robust, flexible support for their server and storage systems. These state-of-the-art services ensure your IT systems consistently achieve their performance potential. Our specialist support teams work with customers to eliminate problems before they happen, prepare in advance for any elevated IT demands, and provide our fastest and most complete approach to problem resolution. Our innovative service technologies and processes can enable a new level of performance management and continuous improvement. When your business requires nothing less than the very best support, Dell's Enterprise Support Services are the answer.

Platinum Plus Enterprise Support: Dell's most comprehensive level of support which combines rapid response and resolution for critical issues with customized account planning and reporting to proactively improve uptime. This level of support is appropriate for servers that are being used in datacenters and mission critical environments.

Gold Enterprise Support: Provides 7x24 rapid response and resolution of critical issues including escalation management and on-site* Emergency Dispatch procedures to quickly restore operations. This level of support is appropriate for servers that are being used for email systems, database applications and virtualization.

Silver Enterprise Support: Silver support provides convenient 7x24 phone access for hardware and core software troubleshooting with 4-hour2 7x24 on-site services following completion of phone-based troubleshooting. This level of support is appropriate for file and print servers and other non-production testing and development.

Take Your Support to the Next Level

NEW! Platinum Plus Enterprise Support
Dell's most comprehensive level of premium support for storage systems combines rapid response and resolution for critical issues with customized account planning and reporting to proactively help improve uptime. With Platinum Plus, you receive direct access to the Enterprise Command Center and a designated Platinum Technical Account Manager and can enjoy the benefits of Operations Performance Benchmarking and ECC Real-time Tracking Window.

Additional Service Offerings

In today's environment, businesses depend on their advanced server and storage systems running like clockwork. Continuous uptime and instant problem resolution is the goal when a system needs attention. Dell IT Infrastructure Services are your answer.

Backup and Recovery
To sustain the continued operation of your storage solution, you should engineer availability, security and reliability into every process from the outset. Dell can provide backup and recovery solutions that help ensure adequate procedures are in place to minimize or avoid data loss.

Keep Your Hard Drive
This service provides the option of retaining qualified hard drives, while receiving a replacement hard drive1. As a result, you can maintain control over your sensitive and confidential data contained on your hard drives and determine the best method of disposal for failed hard drives.

Storage Consolidation
By consolidating your redundant or underutilized systems, Dell can help you accomplish amazing things. Like dramatically improve utilization. Reduce complexity and risk. Improve manageability and security. And maximize the return on your technology investment.

Server Consolidation
Let the server experts at Dell help you address the key stages of server consolidation (logical, physical, workload and application), including the critical first step of preparing a business analysis to determine an estimated return on investment.

Comprehensive Storage Training and Certification
Through comprehensive storage training courses, Dell provides expertise in implementing Dell storage into an existing IT infrastructure. If you are interested in validating or maintaining your skill sets for company compliance, the Dell Certified Network Storage Networking Professional Certification path is available.

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