Dell PowerVault LTO Cartridges

Dell PowerVault LTO Cartridges

Dell PowerVault LTO Cartridges

Dell carries a complete line of cost-effective LTO Ultrium media solutions for your tape storage needs, including: LTO Universal Cleaning tape, LTO Ultrium 2, LTO Ultrium 3 and 3 WORM, LTO Ultrium 4 and 4 WORM, LTO Ultrium 5 (LTO-5) and 5 WORM, data cartridges.

Dell LTO Ultrium 2, 3, 4 and 5 tape media provides high performance and capacity to backup, restore, archive and retrieve files in an Open Systems Environment.

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  Media Specification
LTO5 Data LTO5 Worm LTO4 Data LTO4 Worm LTO3 Data LTO3 Worm LTO2 Data LTO1 Data
Capacity Native 1.5TB*1.5TB*800GB*800GB*400GB*400GB*200GB*100GB*
Capacity (Compressed) 3.0TB*3.0TB*1,600GB1,600GB800GB*800GB*400GB*200GB*
Native Speed 140MB/s140MB/s120MB/s120MB/s60 or 80MB/s drive dependent60 or 80MB/s drive dependent24 or 35MB/s drive dependent15 MB/s
Encryption support YesYesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Worm Support NoYesNoYesNoYesNoNo
Cartridge Memory YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Tape Width (Nominal) 12.65mm12.65mm12.65 mm12.65 mm12.65 mm12.65 mm12.65 mm12.65 mm
Tape Thickness (Nominal) 6.4 µm6.4 µm6.6 µm6.6 µm8.0 µm8.0 µm8.9 µm-