PowerConnect J-SRX100 Services Gateways

PowerConnect J-SRX100 Services Gateways

PowerConnect J-SRX100 Services Gateway

Services Gateways for small to medium businesses and branch offices

The PowerConnect J-SRX100 services gateway supports up to 650 Mbps firewall performance, 65 Mbps IPSec VPN, 60 Mbps IPS and features unified threat management (UTM) technology with IPS antispam, antivirus and Web filtering functions. The J-SRX100 is ideally suited for securing small distributed enterprise locations.
  • Consolidate fast, highly available switching, routing, security and applications capabilities into a single device.
  • Secure essential capabilities that connect and manage work force locations with up to hundreds of users.
  • Automate network operations with the highly available and scalable Junos® network operating system modular software architecture.

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Service gateway for small and medium offices

The PowerConnect J-SRX100 services gateway consolidates fast, highly available switching, routing, security and applications capabilities in a single device for safe, reliable connectivity and new service delivery.

PowerConnect J-SRX100: Service gateway for small and medium offices

Perimeter security

PowerConnect J-SRX100 services gateway employ best-in-class firewall and VPN technologies to secure the perimeter with minimal configuration. By using zones and policies, even new network administrators can configure and deploy an SRX series services gateway for a small to medium business quickly and securely
  • The firewall (zone) inspects traffic flows and state to ensure that originating and returning information is expected and permitted for a particular zone.
  • The security policy determines if the session can originate in one zone and traverse to another. This architectural choice allows the enterprise to make sure that only legitimate traffic is on its network and that traffic is flowing in the expected direction.
Policy-based VPNs support more complex security architectures that require dynamic addressing and split tunneling.

Content security

To protect your network from the latest content-borne threats, the SRX series of services gateway for small or medium businesses and branch offices offers a complete suite of unified threat management (UTM) services to protect company assets and prevent data loss, including:
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-spam
  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Web filtering
  • Content filtering
The PowerConnect J-SRX100 integrates with other Juniper security products to deliver enterprise-wide unified access control and adaptive threat management, providing security professionals with powerful, state-of-the-art tools to fight cybercrime and data loss.

Junos operating system

The PowerConnect J-SRX100 services gateway runs on the Junos operating system, a common OS used across all J-Series products as well as many of the world’s largest and most complex networks.
  • Highly disciplined , the Junos OS development process uses a single source code, follows a single quarterly release train and employs a highly available modular architecture that prevents isolated failures from bringing an entire system down.
  • Fully regression-tested , each new release is a true superset of the previous version. Therefore, whenever Junos-powered products are updated, all existing capabilities will be maintained and operate in the same way.
  • Session-based forwarding combines the session state information of a traditional firewall and the next-hop forwarding of a classic services gateway into a single operation, helping to improve throughput and lower latency for session traffic when compared to classic services gateway.



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