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Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Policy

Dell Inc. (Dell) is committed to compliance with the laws and regulations in each country into which the company ships our products. Dell products are designed and tested to meet the appropriate worldwide standards for Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Ergonomics and other regulatory compulsory requirements, when used for their intended purpose.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Dell products are designed, tested, and classified for their intended electromagnetic environment (domestic/residential environment or business/industrial environment). Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of items of electronic equipment to function properly together in the electronic environment. While all Dell computer systems have been designed and determined to be compliant with regulatory agency limits for EMC, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

For the product agency information, e.g., FCC, or European Union, click here EMC Regulatory Notices. The EMC Regulatory Notices for the international EMC specifications marks and approvals are for the EMC Emissions Class, as noted on the product specific Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheet, and are provided in applicable agency/country language(s).

Communication Devices - Radio and Modem

Dell’s communication devices are developed, designed and tested to comply with the various wireless (radio) and telecom agency requirements throughout the world. This compliance ensures that these devices do not cause any harm to Public Switching Telecommunication Networks (PSTN) and do not violate any power and frequency spectrum allocations on a country by country basis.

Modem, Wireless (Radio), Access Point (Wireless LAN) and Mobile Broadband Devices: To view details on device approvals, safety information and regulatory information, e.g. BSMI, Industry Canada (IC), click here Modem, Wireless and Mobile Broadband Devices. User manuals for these individual communications components can be downloaded from the Dell support web site.

Potential Usage Restrictions: To view guidelines on usage restrictions, including how to determine if the restrictions apply to the Dell product you have purchased, click here Usage Restrictions.

European Union Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE): Dell products that contain R&TTE technologies and have CE marking are in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of EU Directive 1995/5/EU. To view the Dell R&TTE Compliance statement in the official languages of the European Union click here R&TTE Compliance Statement.

Declaration(s) of Conformity

A copy of the original CE Declaration of Conformity is on file and available upon request for all CE Marked Dell products. To receive a copy of a Declaration, please send an e-mail to Regulatory_Compliance@dell.com with the marketing name and model number for the relevant product(s) included in the body of the e-mail.

For products that incorporate modems and/or wireless communications interfaces (e.g., WiFi, Bluetooth), please click here to view the R&TTE Compliance Statement.

Product Safety

The base internationally recognized product safety standard for Information Technology Equipment (ITE), such as computer systems, printers and monitors, IEC 60950 provides design and testing requirements for safe use of the equipment. Designing products to this standard reduces the risk of hazards from electrical, thermal, mechanical, chemical and radiation conditions.

Safety standards appropriate to the category of equipment are used for the designing and testing of non-Information Technology Equipment.

General product safety information is provided within the Safety Information section of this website. Product-specific safety information which is intended to address a product-specific feature (e.g., wall-mounting brackets) is provided within the documentation shipped with an optional product-specific feature. Note that product safety warnings and cautions for certain components, accessories and peripherals may be provided within the product safety information applicable for the component, accessory and peripheral. Product users should ensure that they have read and are familiar with all product safety information applicable to the use of their systems, components, accessories and peripherals.

Air Travel

When traveling with your Dell computer or Personal Electronic Device (PED), it is important to understand the restrictions of use for your product while on board an aircraft. Dell encourages you to review the safety information applicable to your adapter, batteries and wireless device before traveling with your PED. Additionally, Dell recommends that you review the Air Travel information included on this website and provided by your airline.

Product Use and Handling

In addition to the safety information provided with your product at shipment and herein within the section entitled Safety Information, Dell recommends that you review the Product Use and Handling information included on this website. Adherence to the guidelines provided on this website will assist in protecting your product.

Electrostatic Discharge

Dell products that have the CE marking are designed and tested for immunity to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to IEC standard 61000-4-2, CISPR 22, and CISPR 24. While these products have been designed and determined to be compliant with standard levels for ESD, there may be situations, such as low humidity levels, that can exacerbate ESD event occurrence. Users are encouraged to read and follow the ESD protection guidance provided within the Protecting Against Electrostatic Discharge section of this website.


Dell products are designed to capitalize on accepted Information Technology (IT) focused worldwide standards and industry guidelines as guiding principles. Ergonomic standards provide guidance on various product characteristics to enhance the interaction between people and machines. Certain products are, as indicated on the product-specific Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheet, tested and certified to achieve the regional ergonomics marks and labels.

Ergonomic instructions for the use of portable and desktop computer systems are provided within the Ergonomics Information section of this website.


Peripherals include, but are not limited to, such devices as remote controls, mice and keyboards. To determine the EMC classification of and the EMC approvals applicable for your peripheral device(s), please refer to the Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheet for your product (e.g., desktop computer, laptop computer, printer, television, etc.).

Environmental Affairs

Dell’s environmental stewardship program drives conservation of product energy consumption; develops methods to reduce or eliminate materials for disposal; prolongs product life span; and provides effective and convenient equipment recovery solutions. For information concerning Dell’s Environmental Affairs programs, please see: http://www.dell.com/environment

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