Dell | Oracle Tested and Validated Configurations

Dell | Oracle Tested and Validated Configurations

Deployment CD

2. Burn the ISO image on a blank CD-ROM

WARNING: When burning the deployment CD-ROMs, ensure that you have selected the option for Disk-At-Once (DAO). Failure to write the CDs with this option may result in CD-ROMs that work improperly.

Note: The Dell Deployment CD is bootable.

Deployment Guide

3. Click hereExternal link to download the Deployment Guide - Version 1.1
Follow the instructions in the Deployment Guide to deploy the Dell | Oracle solution.

Solution Deliverable List - Version 1.1

The Solution Deliverable List provides detailed software information on the Dell Supported Configuration for Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Standard Edition on Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition.

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