Help Me Choose: Optical Drive


Dell offers a wide variety of optical drives with the features and functions you need most to multitask and enhance your productivity. Choosing a combo drive, for example, lets you bring together the advantages of a CD-RW, a DVD-ROM, and a CD-ROM in a single drive - and free up space for other devices. Opt for dual drives and give yourself the tools you need to significantly increase your output.

Why Dual Drives?
Dual drives can help you save time and effort by enabling your computer to read from two drives at once. Make one of your dual drives a write drive and you can simultaneously read from one drive while you write to the other; for example, you can use a DVD-ROM to install software and a DVD-RW to burn data files to optical storage discs - CDs or DVDs. Select two write drives - a combo drive and a DVD-RW drive, for instance - and optimize your potential with the ability to read and write using both devices at the same time.

What Kind of Capacity Do You Need?
Choose a removable media storage device based on your needs. A CD drive will give you adequate resources to read the average compact disc. However, many businesses have transitioned to DVDs because these discs can store more data: a DVD has several times the storage capacity of a CD. If you're looking for even more storage capacity on a single disc to save numerous presentations, documents, and rich media files, then Double Layer (DL) media - up to 8.5GB - is what you need to minimize your capacity concerns.

CD (700MB*)
CD (4.78GB*)
CD (8.5GB*)
Photos *1,75011,75021,250
Song Files 1494170
MP3 Music Files 1409401700
Documents 17,500117,500212,500
Presentations 43829385313
MPEG Music Videos 19127230