Enhancing Energy Efficiency with PAN Manager Software by Egenera for Dell

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Enhancing Energy Efficiency with PAN Manager Software by Egenera for Dell

As energy costs rise and green IT initiatives become increasingly widespread, reducing power consumption in data centers has become a key focus for many organizations. Rapid increases in processor and server density, meanwhile, only magnify the need to control costs.

Many of these organizations are optimizing their power consumption by transitioning to renewable energy sources, installing cabinet-level cooling technologies, or arranging system configurations in hot and cold aisles. However, because the cost of cooling often matches or exceeds the cost of system power, organizations that focus instead on reducing system-level power can simultaneously reduce cooling requirements and compound their energy savings.

The Dell / PAN System combines PAN Manager®  Software by Egenera for Dell with efficient DellTM  PowerEdgeTM  1950 III rack servers and PowerEdge M600 blade servers configured with low-voltage dual-core and quad-core Intel®  Xeon®  processors. The Egenera®  Processing Area Network (PAN) architecture used by the system creates flexible shared pools of processing resources using a high-performance fabric that connects servers and controllers within a single chassis. Together, this fabric and PAN Manager switching protocols constitute an I/O virtualization layer that helps significantly reduce the number of required peripheral interface devices while also helping reduce associated server power consumption across production, development, testing, and high-availability systems. By supporting a comprehensive approach to reducing power consumption—including energy efficiency enhancements, server consolidation through virtualization, and the reliable dynamic data center—and leveraging the advanced infrastructure orchestration capabilities of PAN Manager, the Dell / PAN System can help organizations eliminate unnecessary equipment, optimize use of available resources, and automatically power down unused or underused servers to help meet the power and cooling challenges presented by rising energy costs and increasing equipment density.

By Michael Baker

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