Premier Help

Premier Help

Adding a Workspace and Gadgets

1. To add a Workspace, click on “Add Workspace.”

2. When the Create Workspace screen appears, enter your New Workspace Name and click “Yes.”

3. The newly named Workspace will be shown as an added tab (see example below).

Adding Gadgets

Gadgets are an essential part of your Premier experience. They are intended to help you accomplish your tasks more easily offering you a quick snapshot view into your products and information.

1. To add a gadget to your My Premier Page Workspace, select “Add Features.”

2. A library of available gadgets will drop down. You can scroll through the Gadget Library by clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the menu.

3. When you have found a gadget you would like to add to your My Premier Page Workspace, simply select that gadget by hovering over the gadget with your mouse. Clicking and holding your mouse over the gadget, and in one motion, drag the gadget from the library to the place on the page where you would like the gadget to reside. You can also click the “Add Gadget” link corresponding to the gadget desired. This will automatically add the gadget to the top left section of your My Premier Page Workspace.

4. You can filter available gadgets by categories by selecting the categories pull-down from the upper right corner.

5. You can move a gadget to any place on the page by hovering over the title bar and dragging it to the location of your choice.

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