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Premier Help

Software & Peripherals

Over 85,000 software and peripheral products from 700 manufacturers are available within your Premier Page. When shopping for S&P items, you can search by product categories or keyword search. S&P Catalog will have your organization's negotiated pricing included. Note: Some S&P items may not be enabled on your Premier Page depending on how the catalog is setup by your Dell Account Team.

Accessing your Software & Peripherals Catalog:

  1. Click the “Shop” category and select “Software & Peripherals” located within the secondary navigation.
  2. When the Software & Peripherals catalog is accessed, you will be able to view product categories using the left hand Product Category menu or view the category images.

Ways to search for S&P Products:

Keyword Search

  1. Enter a keyword in the Keyword Search box on the top right of the Premier Page.
  2. Select the search magnifying-window icon or just hit enter on your keyboard to bring up the search results.
  3. Using the left hand menu, you can select categories to narrow your selection.

Category Search

  1. Select the category name desired from the left hand Product Category Menu.
  2. Select one of the Product Category images (e.g. select Carrying Cases).

Additional Search Features:

  • Narrow Your Selection – if you have a large number of results appearing, you can narrow selection using the left hand menu
  • Page View – allows you to change your page viewing option between Grid view and List view
  • Sort by – search filter allowing you to sort your results (Best Results, Price, Brand, Usually Ships)
  • Page Numbers – if you have a large number of results showing, you can view additional pages by clicking on the page number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)
  • Compare – check the box corresponding to the products you want to compare and click the “Compare” button to view side-by-side comparison of product details

  • Compare (continued) – when you see compared products, you have the following choices:
    Go back
    Add to Cart
    More Details

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