Premier Help

Premier Help

Editing an E-Quote

Editing feature allows you to modify an existing E-Quote. Once modified, you can place an order or re-save as a new E-Quote number.

To edit a saved E-Quote:

1. From within the E-Quote list, select “View Details” next to the corresponding saved E-Quote number.

2. To make changes to the quantity, enter the new quantity number under the Qty column and click “Update Total.”
3. To make changes to the computer system, click “Adjust System” to re-open the configuration page and select your new options.

4. When finished adjusting the system, click “Continue.”
5. Click “Review Summary” to review quote details or click “Return to E-Quotes.”

6. When you return to the Cart/E-Quote screen, click “Save as new E-Quote” to save your changes. The updated configuration will be saved as a new E-Quote referencing a new E-Quote number.
NOTE: The original E-Quote will not be changed and will remain in your E-Quote list until it expires or you choose to delete it.

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