CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service

CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service

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Repairs can be expensive! Accidental Damage Service offers the support you need when accidents happen to your Dell system to avoid those expenses.
Your Accidental Damage Service includes the following benefits:
  • Wide scope of accident protection
  • Simplify replacement of your damaged system
  • Peace of mind for those on the go!
How To Purchase For a new system, order Advanced or Premium Service plans online or through your Dell Sales Representative, or call us to upgrade/extend your support on a previously purchased system: 1-866-508-6719.

Accidental Damage Service covers repair and replacement for various accidental damage, not covered under limited warranty*, including spills, drops, surges, and breakage to select systems or peripherals.*

And, to help protect you against loss, LoJack®  for Laptops theft protection* from Computrace®  LoJack®  for Laptops is a theft-protection service that can track, locate and recover stolen laptops. If your laptop is ever stolen, simply alert LoJack’s monitoring center and a recovery team can work with the local law enforcement to recover it.Lo Jack

Examples of some of the un-intentional damage that are covered are:

Cause of FailureResolution Description
Liquid spilled on or in unitRepaired or unit replaced*
Drops, falls, and other collisionsRepaired or unit replaced
Electrical surgeRepaired or unit replaced
Damaged or broken LCD due to a drop or fallRepaired
Accidental breakage (multiple pieces)Repaired or unit replaced

Damage caused by intentional acts, fire, theft or loss, is not covered under CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service*. Some examples of damage that would NOT be covered are:

Cause of FailureResolution Description
Damaged in a fireNot covered — insurance coverage
Intentional damage (hammer marks)Not covered — user responsible
Stolen unitNot covered — insurance coverage
Normal wear (does not affect system performance)Not covered
Consumables (batteries, bulbs)Not covered