Family Share

Family Share
Keeping Friends and Family Connected
Video Chat
Stay in touch with friends and family members with Dell Video Chat* — a service that keeps the conversation close and personal.

Choose how you want to stay in touch:
  • Unlimited instant messenger
  • PC-to-PC voice calling
  • Four-way video conferencing*
  • Video recording
  • Video mail
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Remote Access
Share your digital life with friends and family with Dell Remote Access.*

Access you files via:
  • Simple web navigation
  • Remote PCs
  • Or other mobile devices
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DataSafe Online Backup
Back up your music, photos and other memories by storing copies to Dell DataSafe Online.*

Protect your files from:
  • Virus attacks
  • Hardware failures
  • Accidental file deletions
  • Hardware theft
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Make Family Share a part of your family

With so many PCs under one roof, PC failure is a possibility no one wants to experience. With Dell DataSafe™ Online, your family can back up the kids’ homework or other important files that you can’t risk losing.

Also, during his frequent business trips abroad, Dad can now communicate with the rest of the family using Video Chat. He can also share his experiences by uploading pictures with his smart phone, then transmitting them directly from his phone to the home computer with Remote Access.
Keep in TouchKEEP IN TOUCH

Family Share keeps a growing family in touch. New parents can now show their baby’s first steps and words to the new grandparents using Video Chat. They can even remotely control the grandparents’ computer to help fix a software bug or show them how to use new software with Dell Remote Access.*

They can also securely access each other’s computers with Dell Remote Access to retrieve photos at any time. Protecting photos and videos is now easy using DataSafe, while having peace of mind knowing that your memories are in a secure storage space.
Keep it Simple and OrganizedKEEP IT SIMPLE AND ORGANIZED

A college student connects to his life at home using Family Share. Video Chat lets him stay in touch with old friends. He can also retrieve his music and old photos from his home computer by simply using Remote Access without bugging his siblings. And backing up course work is now a piece of cake using DataSafe.
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